Temple of Khamoon - Artifact #2

After killing the crocodiles from the ledge overlooking the cat temple, turn left, take a running jump off the ledge and grapple the metal ring on the wall above. (It is labeled "first ring" in the screenshot above.)

Wall run back and forth and jump to grab the handhold on the right, where the carved panel depicting the goddess Hathor is missing a chunk.

From this handhold it's difficult to see the second metal ring on the ceiling above and behind Lara. (If you move the camera below her and to the right, as shown above, it's visible.) Jump back off the wall and press Grapple to hook the ring.

When hanging from the cable with the grapple attached to this second ring, turn to face the next ring mounted on the ceiling ahead and to the right. Lengthen the grapple cable a bit if necessary (Interact + Down) and then swing, jump and grapple the third ring. Repeat the process for the fourth ring.

Once Lara is hanging from the fourth ring, turn to face the temple. Again, lengthen the grapple cable if necessary and then swing and jump onto the flat part of the roof. Pick up ARTIFACT #2.

NOTE: Be sure to allow a long enough cable to swing over to the flat top of the temple roof. If Lara lands on the sloping edge, she'll slide down. She may grab the edge or not, but in either case, you won't be able to get back up to the flat roof. If this happens, you'll have to save, reload and repeat the grapple-swinging sequence.

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