Welcome to our growing community for the classic and LAU Tomb Raider No Loads, No Meds, All Secrets challenge, including:

Tomb Raider 1
Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 2: Golden Mask
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft
Tomb Raider 3: Lost Artifact
Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Underworld

Welcome to NLNMAS

Hello fellow Tomb Raiders,
this is a page where we record runs of people who have completed the No Loads No Meds (NLNM) or No Loads No Meds All Secrets (NLNMAS) challenge of any of the above mentioned Tomb Raider games.
The NLNM or NLNMAS challenge is very unique for the Tomb Raider games and a lot of skill and practice is needed to successfully complete a run. It is a challenge that appeals to most people of the community, so it is done by casual players and speedrunners the same.
On this site we make no difference between casual players and speedrunners. Just keep in mind, that the purpose of this site is to record all runners when they submit to us, no competition involved.
If you want your challenge to be presented in a more competitive way, I highly recommend you to submit your runs at speedrun.com under the Category Extensions.

How to Submit Your Run

Have you completed the run? Wonderful! Click the banner below to join the TR NLNMAS Discord server and follow the instructions there to submit a video of your run. Or email your video link to . Discord is faster, but we'll answer email as soon as we can. You're also welcome to contact DJ Full or Nabu1908 on Twitch with any questions.


The rules for NLNMAS are the following:

No Loads

§1 What is No Loads?
It means you have to finish the game in one session without reloading the game once. After a death you have to restart from the first level. Longer pauses are allowed as long as it can be seen that the game has been finished in one session.

§2 Exceptions
There are a few exceptions when loading is allowed!

§2.1 When the game crashes. If it should happen that the game unexpectedly crashes (before a cutscene or just in mid-gameplay) it is allowed to reload from a previous save if no significant gameplay has been done in between. So if you know, that the game crashes at a certain point, it is best to make a save before it just in case a crash occurs.

§2.2 Tomb Raider 4: The game becomes very unstable in the Giza section. A crash can occur basically at every moment, especially after level transitions. It is highly recommended to save often, especially before a level transition. Should a crash happen you are allowed to reload a previous save. A crash occurs specifically when you solve the second water puzzle in Temple of Horus.

§2.3 Tomb Raider Chronicles: In the level Escape with the Iris the game will crash when you use the elevator to get up to the floor where some bad guys ambush Lara. To avoid this bug, you have to save and reload before entering this elevator. So in this case reloading is also allowed.

No Meds

§1 What is No Meds?
It means to not use healthpacks or healing crystals to restore your health in any case.

§2 Tomb Raider 3
The PC version of Tomb Raider 3 contains health crystals. Because there are some places where it is nearly unavoidable to take a health crystal, it is recommended for this challenge to either use the PS 1 version or a special version where all crystals are removed. You can find it here: Tomb Raider 3 No Save Crystals Patch

All Secrets

§1 What is All Secrets?
It means to collect All Secrets, that are in the game. It is enough when the secret chime sounds and the secret is registered in the statistics.

§2 Special cases

§2.1 Tomb Raider 3: Tomb Raider 3 has an extra secret in Coastal Village, so that you can find in total 60/59 secrets. This extra secret must also be picked up to finish the run with all secrets.

§2.2 Tomb Raider 4: It is possible to pick up some secrets twice. For fulfilling the All-Secrets rule it is necessary to pick up every secret in every location which is in the game at least once. If you get a duplicate secret, your run is not invalid provided you find all the other secrets in every secret location.

§2.3 Bonus levels: It is not necessary to complete the bonus levels for NLNMAS. This includes Nightmare in Vegas in Tomb Raider 2 Gold and All Hallows in Tomb Raider 3.


§1 General Rule
Glitches that give you an advantage in the run are not allowed.

§2 What means advantage?
Advantage means in this case to save Lara from certain death, save health, skipping enemies or shorten the gameplay in any kind of way.

§3 What glitches exists?

§3.1 The following glitches are not allowed:
(1) The corner bug and any other movements that teleports Lara on top or down quickly.
(2) Jumping through corners to avoid enemies or trap triggers. Jumping over a trigger to avoid an enemy is allowed.
(3) QWOPs to get through closed doors or otherwise closed-off areas
(4) Jumping through blocks
(5) Using the binoculars to active certain triggers
(6) Using a swan-dive to survive an otherwise deadly or health-reducing fall
(7) The UPV glitch in Lud's Gate to get air on the top of the rectangle shafts
(8) Abusing the shotgun-shell glitch in Tomb Raider 3. If you save the game at any point, than end the previous game and start a new game you will start the game with the amount of shotgun shells from this previous game. To avoid this just restart the game again.

§3.2 There are some none-dev-intended movements that are allowed to be used:
(1) False grabbing or a drop to a lower platform by pressing Ctrl
(2) Using flares to cancel the stumble animation of Lara
(3) Inventory buffering
(4) Tomb Raider 2: Killing the statues in Floating Islands with harpoons or grenades before they are awake

§4 Exceptions

§4.1 If you are doing an accidental glitch - for example jumping into a wall and land on top - the run is not over. In this case you'll have to go back to the part before the glitch happened. If an accidental glitch kills you, get you stuck or won't let you reset your previous position the run is over and you have to restart.

§4.2 It is allowed to use glitches when they give you no advantage to finish the run.

§4.3 A glitch is also allowed for show-off as long as it doesn't shorten the gameplay in any kind of way or save your health or skips an enemy trigger.

Pistols Only

§1 General Rule
If you want to do a NLNM challenge Pistols Only, you can only use - as the name already suggests - the pistols for kills. It is not allowed to use guns of a vehicle or to driver over enemies with a vehicle.

§2 Exceptions
This doesn't count for enemies, that are killed by allies or other enemies. For example the monks in Barkhang Monastery killing mercenaries, the prisoners killing guards in HSC or raptors killing themselves. The same goes for enemies, that accidentally kill themselves in deep water.
Levels like Home Sweet Home in Tomb Raider 2, the VCI section in Chronicles or the whole game of Angel of Darkness are also an exception from this rule, because the pistols are not standard weapons for these levels.