Welcome to our growing community for the classic Tomb Raider No Loads, No Meds, All Secrets challenge, including:

Tomb Raider 1
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft
Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles.

The rules are quite simple:

No Loads = No reloading the game! Everything must be completed in one sitting.
No Meds = No healing allowed! No medipacks, no health crystals.
All Secrets = All secrets must be collected. Game statistics display the completion.

An easier/short version of the challenge is possible, NLNM, "No Load, No Meds". For this category it is not mandatory to pick up all the secrets, making the overall run shorter and easier.

Dying will obviously result in failing the challenge. Game statistics are a proof that the challenge has been correctly completed as they shows the secrets picked up as well as medipacks used. A video of the challenge should also be shared (on YouTube or Twitch for example). Glitches are not allowed!

What is a glitch?
A glitch in this context means exploiting a bug in the game code to gain an advantage, for example:

  • Teleporting up/down using the level geometry and properties (such as corner bugs, etc.).
  • Going through a corner to skip a trigger. (Skipping a trigger by jumping around/over isn't considered a glitch for the purpose of this challenge.)
  • Manipulating animations/transitions to climb or avoid a deadly fall.
  • Going through blocks or walls.

Note that using common manoeuvers (such as precise jumps or curved jumps) to skip part of a level is allowed. Even if the path isn't dev intended, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a glitch.

(A video showing common glitch manoeuvers will be added soon).

What happens if I perform a glitch by accident?
If it is a glitch that made you survive health loss or certain death then the challenge is over. If you teleported over something or skipped a trigger going through a corner, you might want to go back where you were before the glitch and continue normally from that place. If you can't, try your best to recover, and if the accidental glitch wasn't to your advantage, the other players verifying your run might consider it fine.


The NLNMAS challenge has been completed in a casual aspect so far. Players would be very careful while playing, taking their time while trying to avoid taking too much damage. The current runs are shared in a leaderboard, under each game category in the links above. The basic rules of NLNMAS must be followed. For casual runs, you are also allowed to mod your game, change textures, models, or aesthetics as you please—basically anything that does not give the player a gameplay advantage. A list of fun mods are available on core-design.com. This may result in very fun playthroughs! Upon submitting your game for the leaderboard, please specify if you modded your game or not. Should you want to compete and speedrun the games, strict rules apply. See below.

Speedrun NLNMAS

Want to challenge yourself even more? Should you need even more spice in your game, you can add the speedrun factor to it! The idea is to compete with others by completing the challenge as fast as possible, relying on various speedrun tactics. This aspect of the game is fairly new, but many players are already interested in it. Glitches are still not allowed and strict rules apply for a fair competition. (More information about speedrunning NLNMAS will soon be added to the sub-section for each game.)

How to Submit Your Run

Have you completed the run? Wonderful! Click the banner below to join the TR NLNMAS Discord server and follow the instructions there to submit a video of your run. Or email your video link to . Discord is faster, but we'll answer email as soon as we can. You're also welcome to contact Drayuu or Makeal on Twitch with any questions.