Tomb Raider AE: 10th Anniversary Documentary

In conjunction with the Tomb Raider Anniversary game, Eidos produced a documentary that was packaged with the game. I was one of the lucky fans who was asked to be interviewed in it! This page contains some information about it, but for a full blown report, head on over to my Fan Club!

Katie in Tomb Raider Anniversary Documentary

Please note that the documentary was ONLY packaged with the collector's edition sold in the UK and Australia....bummer, I know. But you can watch the entire thing online! (See below)

Press Release (PDF)

Gametap's Tomb Raider Website
(No longer available)

Alternate Site to Watch Documentary
(Watch the entire documentary here, on Google video)

Katie in TR Documentary
(Visit my Fan Club in my Stories section for info about the documentary, how I got asked, what I had to do, the filming process, screenshots, and more!)

Tomb Raider Anniversary Game Credits

In addition, take a peek at the credits in the game, as well as in the manual. Stella's name and my name are in it! :) (Click on the image to see the full size)

Credits 01    Credits 02