Search for Delphi


Lara travels to Australia where she meets up with a team of experts in the Gibson Desert. A new discovery captures Lara’s interest, as it links to her past. Puzzles must be solved at every corner to reach the end, and discover the secrets of two amulets. Tread cautiously as you join Lara in the Search for Delphi.

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Search for Delphi (PDF - 74kb)

Published Story

I was an invited author in the first edition of Tales of Lara Croft, and Search for Delphi was published. You can read all about it in my Media Section under Published Stories.

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"The stories are soooo coool! They’re exciting, mind throbbing, funny, scary and have that perfect dose of action! Up to now, I've only read up to Search for Delphi, and I have to say, that one is my favourites. Continue writing Katie!!!" - Soph

"I just finished reading "Search for Delphi!” I loved it! I have to say I - "Ooohed and Aaahed over it for sometime"- !! (lol!) wow they are all so brill! i looked all over your website for a profile about you (age, where you live, lara hobbys ect!) but i couldnt find one! because i am intruiged at how young (or maybe old!) you may be, because you have awsome talent writing such amazing stories! i guess you have achieved an A* grade in English!!" - Lorz