Sweat, Strength, and Determination


When Lara reads about an opportunity to join a group for intensive training, she doesn’t let the opportunity pass her by. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and she is forced to travel alone to Antarctica in search of treasure. The key ingredient to success -- Sweat, Strength, and Determination.

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Sweat, Strength, and Determination (PDF - 85kb)

First Prize Winner

Sweat, Strength, and Determination won first prize in a world-wide fan fiction competition hosted by Core Design in 2003. To read all about the contest and to see the prize I won, check out my Media section!

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"I think all your stories are craving for the senses especially "A New Word, A New Life." and "Sweat, Strength and Determination." which was worthy for that first place :). I haven't really finished reading all your stories but I will. I think the words are fantastic and exquisite in each of your stories." - Dark Yuki

"That story was something different! I love the end bit about the trampoline: genius. The whole plot line was extremely creative, especially the injections of fish scales! Very nice indeed. It was obvious that Lara would win, but you turned the obvious into something interesting, and that is what writing is all about. I think you truly achieved making a story that is compelling and exciting." - Seul Desir