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NISHIMURA'S PARTY: Follow the hallway to the bar. Press A to talk to the bartender. After the dialogue, go to the right and press Control Pad Up to go through the door. Follow the hallway to Nishimura's office.

In a cut scene, Lara meets her old friend, Nishimura. Takamoto, the man Lara believes stole one of the sword fragments from the Japanese museum, arrives. He insists he doesn't have the piece she's looking for and sics his goons on her.

Work your way around the room, killing the 4 mercenaries. Pick up the various items they drop, one of which is a yellow key card that controls the elevator. If you want to, you can also go back through the door at the top of the stairs to find another soldier and get another item. Also, if you return to Nishimura's office, you'll find one more soldier and a gold reward behind Nishimura's desk.

Go through the door to the left of the bar, get in the elevator and press Up on the control pad to ride to the roof, where you'll cross the next CHECKPOINT.

ROOFTOP & MOTORCYCLE JUMP: Follow the hall to the left. Outside, press A to shoot the fuel barrels. Climb the pipe that the barrels had been blocking and jump to the ledge on the right. Jump to the next ledge on the right to get a bronze reward. Then take a running jump to the rooftop on the left.

Cross the skylight and stand on the left side of it facing right. Use the magnetic grapple to pull open the skylight. (Press and hold L to grapple, then press control pad left to pull.) Stand in front of the open skylight and press B to jump into it. In the room below, go to the left to get another bronze reward. Then press A to get on the motorcycle.

Lara rides the bike out onto the roof without you having to steer or accelerate. When you reach the broken footbridge at the edge of the roof, the L icon will appear on-screen. Press L as soon as you see it and Lara will shoot her grapple at the overhead beam. Then you can swing across to the other side of the broken bridge to the next CHECKPOINT.

SCAFFOLDING: You begin this area on the middle level of three tiers of scaffolding. Go forward, drop down to the lower level and climb over the crates to the right to find a bronze reward. Climb back over the crates and then climb to the middle tier, then the top tier of scaffolding. Here you'll find a silver reward on top of another crate.

Drop back down to the middle level and make your way to the left until you reach a window dangling from a rope. Shoot the rope to drop the window and then take a running jump to grab the rope. Swing to the scaffolding on the left. Drop down to the lower level and get the bronze reward on the far left. Climb back up to the middle level, go to the left end and slide down the angled cable to the other side of the street. (There should really be a checkpoint here, but unfortunately there isn't.)

WINDOW WASHERS' PLATFORMS: Move to the left edge of the platform and use the grapple to pull the next platform toward Lara. Release the grapple, step back and then take a running jump to the platform when it swings toward Lara. Take a running jump to the next stationary platform. You can jump to the next swinging platform without first using the grapple, but to get to the next swinging platform, you'll need to grapple and pull it closer before jumping onto it. From there, take a running jump to grab the edge of the rooftop garden ahead on the left.

ROOFTOP GARDEN: Head to the left and deal with the 2 mercenaries guarding the door. Pick up the items they drop, most likely a grenade and health pack. Then stand near the door and press Up on the control pad to enter. There's a CHECKPOINT here.

TAKAMOTO'S OFFICE BUILDING: Go down the stairs to the left to get another bronze reward. Then go up the stairs to the right, past two sets of doors (one where you came in and another set in an alcove) to the next landing where there are four vertical pipes. Climb the narrow pipe and jump to the horizontal pipe on the right. Walk along that pipe all the way to the right end to get a silver reward. Return along the pipe the way you came. Drop down, head back to the left and go through the door in the alcove.

OFFICE WITH BIG-SCREEN DISPLAY: In the next room, kill 3 more soldiers and pick up the various goodies they drop, along with a bronze reward. Stand to the left of the big screen and use the magnetic grapple to pull it down. Go through the opening to another CHECKPOINT.

ROOFTOP WITH NEON SIGNS: Go to the right side of the building. Climb the vertical pipe and jump to the ledge on the left. Take a running jump to grab a bar that's part of the big neon sign. The sign rotates. When it stops, swing around the bar and jump to grab the bar on the left side of the sign. The sign rotates again. From its new position, Swing around and jump the ledge on the left. Climb the ladder to the ledge above.

If you take a running jump from here, Lara will overshoot the bar she needs to grab. So instead, hang from the right end of the ledge and jump to grab the bar on the next neon sign. After it stops moving, swing and jump to grab the next bar to the right. The sign rotates again. Swing around and jump to the ledge on the right, where you'll find a silver reward. Jump back to the previous bar on the sign. After the sign stops rotating, swing and jump to grab the ledge at the top of the ladder.

Don't pull up. Just jump back to the sign, which rotates again, carrying Lara upward. This time jump to grab the pole on the left. Climb to the top and jump to grab the nearest bar on the sign to the right, which then rotates. Swing and jump to the ledge on the right.

Climb to the top of the vertical pipe. Quickly jump to grab the horizontal bar on the left before the pipe breaks away. Quickly swing around and jump to grab the next horizontal bar on the left before the first bar breaks. Repeat the swing-and-jump maneuver to the third and fourth horizontal bars and then swing and jump to the balcony ahead on the left. You only have time to swing around each bar once before jumping; otherwise the bar breaks off and Lara falls to her death. So time your moves carefully. Swing and press jump just as Lara reaches the lowest point in the swing. Once you reach the balcony, enter the building, crossing another CHECKPOINT.

TAKAMOTO'S PRIVATE OFFICES: Follow the hallway downstairs and all the way to the left. A lone soldier guards a furnace room containing a bronze reward. Kill him and take the reward, along with whatever he drops. Return partway along the hall to the right and follow the hall leading off toward the top of the screen.

On the right side of this next hallway is a series of laser tripwires. When triggered, automatic guns that pop out of the floor. To get past them, go to the left, jump over the carved stone sphere and then push it ahead of Lara as she moves along the hall to the right. The stone ball will shield her from the guns. When you've cleared that area, jump over the sphere and fight the 2 mercenaries ahead. Continue to the right and engage 3 more soldiers. They drop an array of items. Follow the hall with the wooden floor.

In the next room there's a dragon sculpture dangling from the ceiling. Stand on the table a bit to the left of the dragon and use the grapple to pull it toward Lara. Release the grapple and the dragon will crash through the window on the right side of the room. Climb through the opening.

Head to the right end of the hall and take out 3 mercenaries. After picking up any items they drop, backtrack along the hall to the elevator. Press Up on the control pad to get in. Ride up to Takamoto's inner sanctum and the level's final CHECKPOINT.

FIGHTING TAKAMOTO: Run forward and climb any of the ladders to reach the upper level walkway, where you'll find Takamoto. This boss is fairly easy to beat, especially if you have an extra health pack or two. Select the SMG if you have ammo for it or the shotgun as a second choice. Stand close to Takamoto and just hold your finger on the fire button. You may need to use a health pack, but he should fall quickly using this method. If you only have pistol ammo, it may be a little trickier. You'll want to try and dodge his blue energy beams as you blast away. But even with your weakest weapon, it shouldn't take too long to defeat him, since he doesn't make much effort to dodge or run away.

When Takamoto falls, there's a short cut scene in which Lara takes his piece of the sword and Nishimura comes to the rescue in his helicopter.

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