Stella's Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough - Updates for Tomb Raider 3 Remastered Coming Soon

IMPORTANT: If you are playing the GOG or Steam version of TR3, most of the serious bugs in this game have been fixed. If you are playing the original PC CD version, I strongly encourage you to install the Tomb Raider 3 patch (for Windows 95/98/Me) or the multi patch (for Windows XP/Vista/7/8) before starting the game. In any case, if you're playing on the PC or Mac, it's a good idea to save the game in different save slots at least a few times each level in case you run into a bug and need to reload an earlier save.

I have attempted to provide information about potential bugs and how to avoid them in the walkthrough for each level. An overview of major bugs is also available here.

NOTE TO NEW RAIDERS: If you're just starting out—even if you've played many other video games before—I encourage you to play the Training Level and to check out my Controls and Strategy pages. There are some unique aspects to this game, and those pages can quickly bring you up to speed. Note especially the section on "Setting Up Jumps" on the strategy page.

INTRODUCTORY CINEMATIC: At the start of the game we see a meteorite crashing into a lush forest. Wildlife scurry as a huge fireball engulfs their habitat. The scene then shifts to present-day Antarctica. To save space, I have included a detailed account of this and all the other in-game cinematics on a separate TR3 Cut Scene Transcripts page. There's also a YouTube playlist collecting all of the in-game movies.


Updated: 4/29/24()

Starting Inventory:  Pistols (unlimited ammunition), 2 flares, 1 small medi pack, 1 large medi pack (In the demo, you also get the shotgun and 2 shells to start.)

Secrets:Pickups: 33, including the SHOTGUN and 1 key  Kills: 19  Save/power-up Crystals: 6

NOTES: 19 is the maximum number of kills. Your total may be substantially lower since, in most cases, you don't have to kill the monkeys. Save/power-up crystals are explained in detail in a footnote at the end of the walkthrough. Secrets are hidden caches containing a small reward—usually ammo and/or health, but occasionally a save crystal or weapon. A chime sounds when you locate a secret, and the stopwatch in your inventory indicates the number of secrets in the current level and how many you've found so far. This also appears on the statistics screen at the end of each level. There is no reward for finding all secrets in one level, but finding all the secrets in the game unlocks the bonus level at the end.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Jungle Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

Objectives: Find a way into the ruins and locate the Indra Key, which opens the level exit.

LONG SLOPE WITH SPIKES: From the starting position turn right and jump up the slope. Turn left and slide down to the flat green spot below. Turn left again to face across the slope toward the yellow-green outcropping of tree roots. Walk to the edge. Then take a standing jump forward to land on a flat spot chest-deep in the leaves. The chime indicates you've found SECRET #1—the SHOTGUN (1) loaded with 2 shells plus some Uzi clips (2). Press Action to pick them up. If you like, you can hold Crouch and use the Look button plus direction controls to see what's going on under there. (screenshots)

After getting the shotgun, turn right and step forward to slide downhill. If you want all the kills, as you're sliding, jump forward to grab the edge of fallen tree trunk that you'd otherwise pass under. Pull up and you'll meet a friendly monkey (1). It won't hurt you if you don't shoot at it, so this is entirely optional. To get down, hang from the edge of the tree where you grabbed and drop down just to the left of center to continue sliding.

After sliding, Lara should land in a flat spot near the first set of spikes. Turn a little to the left and jump over the spikes. She'll then slide down the hill to the next flat area, where you'll find some shotgun shells and a large medi pack (3-4). When you approach the medi pack, a huge boulder rolls down the slope toward you. If you don't move after picking up the medi pack, the boulder will land safely just behind you. (screenshots)

From the spot where the shells were, walk up the low rise, position Lara near the right edge, and take a standing jump to leap over the leafy branches and land on solid ground at the left side of the base of the big tree. You may need to press the Left direction key to veer left while in the air in order to nail the landing. Then use a series of standing jumps to get up behind the tree. This is SECRET #2shotgun shells (5) and a save/power-up crystal (1). (screenshots)

After picking up the goodies, face up the big hill toward the level start. Walk to the edge of the opening between the stone wall on the left and the tree in the middle of the secret area. Turn around so Lara's back is toward the big hill. Then hop back and hold Action to slide backwards down the green slope and grab the edge. Release Action to drop to the tan stone ledge below. If you look over the edge, you'll notice more deadly spikes below. Turn around so Lara's back is toward the edge. Press Back and hold Action again to drop and hang from the stone ledge. If you use the Look button now, you'll see that Lara is not hanging above the spikes and it's safe to drop. Release Action to let go and slide the rest of the way down the hill. (screenshots)

NOTE: This maneuver, where you hang from a ledge and then let go, rather than just stepping off, is called a safety drop. It's useful when you're not sure what lies below, or when you need to make a long drop, since it helps reduce damage from falling.

AT THE BASE OF THE HILL: Straight ahead is an open courtyard amid the ruins. Off to the left, through an opening draped with greenery, is a swampy area with a save/power-up crystal (2). If you want all the secrets, go this way first. (screenshot)

SWAMPY AREA AND STONE WALL WITH SMALL CASCADES: Hop down and get the crystal. Avoid the undulating brown stuff on the right, which is quicksand. Instead, approach the first tall, square pillar on the left. Climb onto it (by pressing Action + Forward). Just ahead is SECRET #3. At the left end of the trench you'll find a grenade pickup (6). Two of the alcoves contain flares and shotgun shells (7-8). (screenshots)

NOTE: Each grenade pickup is actually a pair of grenades. If you don't yet have the GRENADE LAUNCHER, it's counted as '1' pair of grenades in your inventory. Later, when you get the launcher, the inventory shows the number of individual grenades. For details on how ammo is tracked in your inventory, see the TR3 Controls page.

SHORTCUT: At this point, it's possible to take a shortcut and bypass the rest of the level. You'll miss several secrets, but if you don't care—or if you want to save your game, try this and then reload—I've included directions and screenshots here. Several people discovered this shortcut independently. I want to thank Giuseppe and Suzanne for bringing it to my attention.

To reach the courtyard we want to explore next, drop down from the wall into the muddy area where you found the last crystal. Then climb back onto the ledge at the base of the big slope and drop down on the left. Or, move to the corner of the ruined building and either take a standing jump into the doorway or slog through the quicksand and pull up into the doorway. (screenshot)

OVERGROWN COURTYARD: In the center of the courtyard is a small medi pack (9). As you approach, a monkey (2) will come and pick it up. Follow the monkey into the passageway behind the broad-leafed plant (screenshot) and he'll drop the medi pack so you can pick it up. Or, if you have no love for primates, you can shoot it and take the health. Continue along the passageway to the switch. Stand close to it and press Action to pull it. This opens one of the two grated windows back at the COURTYARD.

If you don't care about every pickup, turn around and go back to the COURTYARD the way you came. Otherwise, take a short detour to get a medi pack: After pulling the switch, turn left and move out onto the ledge overlooking the river. Jump into the water and let the current sweep Lara downstream. (screenshot) The strong current prevents Lara from surfacing or swimming back the way she came. So you'll need to move quickly if you don't want to drown. Grab the small medi pack (10) on the river bottom by swimming down to it and pressing Action. Just above the medi pack on the right is an opening partly concealed by greenery. (screenshot) Swim through it and follow the twisting tunnel forward, then right, up over a slight hump and straight on, then left. At the end of the tunnel is a vertical shaft. Swim straight upward to surface and breathe. Then climb out of the water onto a small ledge. Follow the path forward then left to get back to the COURTYARD.

NOTE: If you're having trouble finding the medi pack and navigating the underwater tunnel, you can light a flare underwater or adjust the in-game gamma setting, as described in the Training Level walkthrough.

SMALL ROOM WITH MOVING WALL OF SPIKES: Back at the COURTYARD, climb up the rocks and go behind the bent tree to find the window you just opened with the switch. Hop down into the room below. There's another switch on the wall ahead. Pull it and immediately roll and take a running jump up into the alcove opposite to avoid the encroaching spiked wall. Once the spikes have passed, hop down and climb up into the opening where the spikes originated. (screenshots)

FIRST ZIP LINE: Walk to the edge, so Lara is standing beneath the zip line handle. Press and hold Action to ride the zip line down across the water to a small rocky outcropping.

NOTE: If you let go of the zip line handle before reaching the other side of the river, Lara will land on the ground or in the water. If she drops before reaching the water, just go back around to the courtyard. If she falls into the river, the current will sweep her along rapidly. Don't bother fighting it. It will carry her back to the spot where you found the medi pack on the river bottom. Swim through the tunnel on the right to emerge back at the courtyard. You'll then need to use the switch to open the grated window again in order to get back to the zip line. The second time around you won't have to deal with the spikes.

DENSE JUNGLE WITH BOULDER SLOPE: At the bottom of the zip line, climb onto the square stump and take a running jump into the raised opening ahead. (screenshot) Enter the dark passageway and ready weapons to kill the tiger (3) that charges from behind the rock ahead. The shotgun works great here. Or, if you like, you can jump up onto the rock on the left and shoot the tiger from safety with pistols. The odd shape of the rock makes this a little tricky, though. This screenshot shows where to jump.

NOTES: Alternatively, you can avoid the first tiger by entering the boulder slope area from the other side. Take a running jump from the square tree stump to land in the shallow water to the left of the opening. (screenshot) Just be careful not to fall into the deeper water. If you do, Lara will either be devoured by piranhas or swept downstream by the current. Instead walk forward through the shallows and turn right. You'll then enter the boulder slope area near the alcove with the flares (described below). The tiger will not appear unless you step into the doorway where you would have come in after riding the zip line.

After dealing with the tiger, face the opening where you came in from the zip line. Just to the left of the two shelf fungi is a pointed rock outcropping. Position Lara at the corner and take a standing jump to land on top of the rocks. Pick up some Uzi clips (11) in the alcove on the right. (screenshot)

Hop down and go up the hill to the far right corner of this area to find a small medi pack (12) on a stone block. One of the 2 monkeys (4-5) may beat you to the medi pack (screenshot), in which case you can either shoot the monkey or patiently follow it until it drops the medi pack near the cache of flares (described below).

At the top of the slope in the left corner of this area is a boulder. It doesn't roll until you pull the switch inside the hollow tree below. Do this now to open one of the gates near the boulder, then take two side flips to the left to get to safety at the top of the low steps. (screenshots) Walk forward from the top of the steps and turn left. There are some flares (13) inside the hollow tree near the thick, tan vine. The opening on the right overlooks the water, but there's nothing to do there except admire the view.

Head for the top of the slope where the boulder originated and go into the room on the left. Pull the switch to open the gate just outside. (screenshot)

Enter with weapons drawn. A tiger (6) emerges from the bushes ahead on the right. If you like, you can back up into the safety of the doorway. The tiger won't follow Lara that far. You may need to advance and hop back a few times to draw the tiger out from cover. (screenshot) Once it's dead, proceed along the path to the far doorway. A second tiger (7) charges from around the bend. Either us the shotgun to take it down quickly or get a lock on it with your pistols (hold Action) and backflip away shooting.

When you've killed the second tiger walk through the "wall" of leaves where the first tiger emerged into the hidden area beyond. (screenshot) While grooving to the awesome soundtrack, take a standing jump to the top of the block in the left corner and pick up some shotgun shells (14). Return through the greenery, turn right, and follow the path around the corner to a large open area under a leafy canopy.

MISTY AREA WITH SPIKE PIT: Climb onto the block at the entrance. (In the demo, there is a small medi pack on the ground to the right.) Continue forward to the far right corner, where you'll find some shotgun shells and Uzi clips (15-16). (screenshot) In the misty area in the middle of the clearing is a pit with spikes at the bottom. Avoid it for now. Instead, head to the far corner of the building and crawl through the low tunnel under the huge, fallen tree. A friendly monkey (8) will show you the way.

FALLEN TREE: When you emerge from the tunnel, turn right and walk along beside the tree trunk. At the end, make a U-turn to the right and walk up the fallen tree. Get the save/power-up crystal (3) before or after killing the tiger (9) that charges down toward you. (screenshot) On the left side of the fallen tree trunk, near the carved stone column, is a horizontal branch. Jump onto it from the fallen tree, follow it to the end, and take a standing jump to the next branch, where you'll find some MP5 clips (17). (screenshot) Get the ammo, return to the fallen tree, and continue up into the next area.

MULTI-LEVEL ROOM WITH SPIKES AND HOLLOW TREE: Slide down either side of the tree trunk into the room below. Avoid the hole in the floor. There are spikes below. There's also a secret inside the hollow end of the fallen tree, but I advise waiting to go after it. The route described here involves less backtracking.

For now, follow the helpful monkey (10) through the grated window on the left into a low-ceilinged passageway with a wall made of gold lattice. At the end of the passageway, turn right and walk through the spikes. Lara will not take damage as long as she's walking. The camera shifts to show a cave opening high above. That's where you're headed next. (screenshots)

Proceed carefully through the spikes and on toward the far wall. Turn right and walk to the edge of the sloping green block. Then take a standing jump across the gap to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and take the small medi pack (18) sitting on this ledge. (This does not appear in the demo.) Face the wall with the horizontal crevice and position Lara with her chest against it. Jump straight up and grab the crevice. Continue holding Action to hang on and then traverse to the left until you can pull up. Kill the monkey (11) if you're feeling particularly hostile; otherwise just continue. Climb onto the stone block above the crevice where you just traversed. Hop down on the other side and enter the dark passageway, where you'll meet another monkey (12). (screenshots)

TUNNEL WITH SWITCH AND BOULDER TRAP: At the top of this sloping passageway is a switch below a boulder. The boulder doesn't roll yet. So you can get the next secret now. Above the switch on the left is a small opening. Stand below it facing the wall and jump straight up to grab the edge. Pull up and crawl inside to find some harpoons and a rocket (19-20). This is SECRET #4. After picking up the goodies, crawl backwards toward the opening and hold Action + Back to drop down. (screenshots)

Pull the switch to open the gate down at the bottom of the room with the spiked ledge. Save the game. Then light a flare so you can see where you're going and start running down the dark slope. As you go, the boulder drops and starts rolling down behind you. Keep running. At the bottom of the passageway, veer into the doorway on the right before Lara gets flattened. The boulder then comes to rest at the end of the passageway. (screenshots)

MULTI-LEVEL ROOM WITH SPIKES AND HOLLOW TREE (again): To climb back down, walk to the edge overlooking the multi-level room with the spikes, turn around, and press Back while holding Action to drop and hang from the edge. Briefly release and re-press Action to let go and grab the crevice below. Traverse a little to the left and drop down onto the green ledge. (screenshots)

If you turn around now and draw pistols, you may be able to shoot the tiger (13) that entered the room below when you opened the gate. Your gunshots may scare it off, in which case you can draw it out by dangling Lara from the edge and then pulling up again to shoot. (See "Using Lara as Bait" on the Strategy page if you're unfamiliar with this technique.) Or just wait and finish off the tiger later.

In any case, don't climb all the way down to the ground yet. Instead walk back through the spikes toward the passageway with the wall made of gold lattice. (screenshots)

If you don't want the save/power-up crystal (4) on the ledge above the passageway, just continue through the passageway to get back to the room with the big, hollow tree. Skip the next paragraph.

If you do want the crystal, carefully position Lara just before the step up into the passageway, in the right corner of the spike field, where there's a clear spot. Then jump straight up to grab the ledge above. If you don't grab on the first try and Lara drops back down into the spikes, she should be OK as long as she lands in this corner. Pull up, get the crystal, and then follow the ledge to the left. Step out onto the triangular tile at the end of the ledge. Then slide down into the room with the hollow tree trunk. (screenshots)

Walk to the edge of the hole in the floor above the spikes facing the open end of the hollow tree. Then take a standing jump forward to grab the edge of the opening. Pull up and crawl inside. This is SECRET #5. Crawl forward and pick up some flares and MP5 clips (21-22). (screenshots)

To get down, back up to the opening. Then hold Action and Back so Lara lowers herself and hangs from the edge above the spikes surrounded by angled blocks. Drop down onto the first angled block and hold Jump and either Left or Right. Lara will hop back and forth between the angled blocks until she reaches a corner and jumps out to the safe area. (screenshots)

If you didn't already kill the tiger (13) that came in when you opened the gate, you'll need to finish it off now. There are also 2 sets of Desert Eagle clips (23-24) on ledges at the back of this room. If you like, you can jump up onto one of the ledges with the ammo and shoot the tiger from there. There's also a flat, green rock to the right of the steps (when facing the gate) from which Lara can shoot at the tiger without being mauled. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed secret #5 in the hollow tree and want to get back there from below, go to the back right corner of the room with the spikes and angled blocks. Drop down through the hole in the floor into a narrow, dark tunnel. Walk through the spikes and climb out into the MISTY AREA you visited earlier. Go around the corner of the stone building, crawl under the fallen tree, and run over the top of it, just like you did before. This will bring you back to the open end of the hollow tree.

MORE DENSE JUNGLE AND TRIPLE BOULDER TRAP: Go down the wide, green steps and through the gate you just opened. A little way in on the left is a tree with ledge cut into it, where you can pick up some flares (25). (screenshot)

Go around the tree where you found the flares. You may spot a monkey (14) here making off with a small medi pack (26), but don't chase after it. Notice the archway concealed by broad, green leaves at the top of the hill. This is another boulder trap. Keeping that archway on your left, walk forward up the brown slope toward the next two big trees to trigger the first of 3 boulders. As long as you advance slowly, the boulder should roll to a stop harmlessly in front of Lara. Approach the boulder where it landed, turn left, and walk up the brown part of the hill (not the green section farther to the right). As long as you stick to the brown area, the second boulder will roll past on Lara's right, not coming anywhere near her. Continue walking up the slope as far as Lara will go. Then take a standing jump up the steeper section to land inside the wall of greenery. This triggers the third boulder, which rolls past on Lara's right. It lands at the bottom of the hill near the other two. (screenshots)

Now walk forward through the leaves into a little clearing. Don't rush forward, since there's a spike pit just inside on the left. Pick up the small medi pack (26) lying on the ground. (This is the same one the monkey took and dropped.) Save your game if you can. Now turn around so the pit is behind Lara. Drop back and grab the edge of the opening. Let go and immediately grab the ledge just below. Pull up into a small cave, where you'll find some flares (27) and a save/power-up crystal (5). This is SECRET #6. (screenshots)

To get out of the pit, walk to the edge of the opening above the spikes. Take a standing jump and hold Action to lower Lara's arc so she clears the spikes and lands on the block beyond. Turn around, walk to the edge, and take another standing jump across the spikes to grab the upper edge of the pit. Pull up and go forward through the wall of greenery to get back the previous area. If you triggered all 3 boulders earlier, there's nothing to worry about. (screenshots)

Return down the slope and when you reach the boulders turn left. If you didn't shoot that monkey (14) earlier, it will show Lara the way through the trees to an opening near the river. Here the water spills into a lagoon where it's safe to swim. First, follow the river upstream, to the right, where you'll find some Uzi clips (28) on a ledge.

NOTE: At this point it's possible to take a SHORTCUT that bypasses the second zip line and two kills. See the footnote at the end of the walkthrough for details.

CALM POOL WITH FLOATING LOG AND PASSAGE TO SECOND ZIP LINE: Head downstream to where the bank protrudes toward a large, floating log with fungi growing out of it. Take a running jump onto the log and climb up to its highest point. Turn around so Lara is facing upstream. Walk forward and sidestep to the right so Lara is standing at the highest corner of this block. Now jump straight up to grab the jutting tree limb above and pull up. The camera shifts to a wide-angle view. Tap the Look button to regain Lara's perspective. Use the switch on the wall to open a gate in the corner where the man-made wall meets the natural rock wall. (screenshots)

Return to the spot where you pulled up onto the branch and safety drop back down onto the big log. Turn around to face the building, step down onto the left side of the log and take a running jump across the water to grab the tan rock ledge directly opposite (i.e., just to the right of the square pillar with the dancing figure carved into it). Pull up, turn right, and climb up through the gate you just opened. (screenshots)

Go through the short passageway and walk to the edge. You're now overlooking the piranha-infested pool with the strong current near the beginning of the level. Walk to the edge and take a standing jump across the gap to land on the flat branch ahead. Make your way across the wide branches to the top of the second zip line. Stand below the handle and hold Action to ride the line down into the ruins. Follow the passage to the next open area. (screenshots)

NOTE: I mark the piranhas as a hazard (pink text), rather than an enemy (orange), since you can't kill them. If you fall into the water below the zip line, it's possible to ride the current back to the underwater tunnel at the start of the level, swim through the tunnel on the right, and retrace your steps, but it's probably easier to just reload a more recent save and continue from there.

MOSSY COURTYARD WITH SQUARE PILLARS: There are 2 tigers (15-16) lurking here. They emerge when you go down the steps into the main area. To get the save/power-up crystal (6) and shoot the tigers safely from above, start down the steps and then climb onto the first angled block on the left. Take a running jump to the second angled block. Then run forward to the crystal in the corner. (screenshots)

Once you have the crystal, turn right, walk to the edge and take a standing jump down to the wide platform below. As long as you land on this slightly raised area and not the floor, Lara won't lose any health, and the tigers won't appear yet. Turn right again and jump onto the square pillar ahead. Now the tigers spawn: one on the steps where you entered and one down below on the left. You may be able to shoot both from on top of the pillar. If they run and hide before you can get them, try hanging from the pillar to get their attention. Then pull up and start shooting again. (screenshots)

NOTE: It's possible to avoid the tigers entirely by crossing the area on top of the pillars. The path is shown in this screenshot. In the picture Lara is standing on the ledge with the save crystal. If you never touch the pillar on the right (marked with the orange X) or the floor, the tigers never appear and you don't have to fight them.>

There are two waterfalls in this area, one of which has a pair of openings behind it, but even the lower opening is out of reach for now. There's also a closed gate at the bottom of the flooded steps in the middle of the courtyard. You will return soon to open it. For now, cross to the corner opposite the one where you found the save crystal. Pull up onto the angled, green block and take a standing jump into the doorway. Follow the passageway to a room with a pool.

ROOM WITH POOL, LIT TORCHES, AND MOVABLE BLOCK: You'll enter this room through a doorway flanked by lit torches. There are also two golden doors, one on the opposite wall and one on the left. First, swim to the platform in the middle of the pool and pick up the flares (29). Then swim across to the golden door opposite the doorway with the torches. Follow the walkway to the right to find an alcove with a movable block embedded in the right wall. Position Lara so her chest is against this block. Hold Action and she'll go into a crouch, showing she's ready to move the block. Then press Back to drag it along the floor. Pull the block again to open up a passageway behind it, but don't go there yet. Moving the block also opens the golden door on this side of the room. Go there now. (In the demo, there is a tiger lurking inside.) Enter and pull the switch to open the trapdoor behind the movable block. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble locating the movable block, check the screenshots or try lighting a flare. The block will appear darker than the surrounding walls.

Return to the movable block, climb over it, and drop into the water. Swim forward, left, then upward to surface in a room with a bridge-like walkway.

SMALL ROOM WITH BRIDGE-LIKE WALKWAY AND SWITCHES: There are 2 switches here—one at each end of the walkway. Use both of them. One opens the second gold door back in the larger room with the movable block; the other opens the underwater gates leading back into that room. Swim down through either of these gates to get back to the larger room. (screenshots)

NOTE: This little room is substantially different in the demo. In the demo, there is only one switch on the walkway and an underwater lever. Don't use the switch. If you tested it before reading this, return it to its up position now. This will close one of the underwater gates and open the other, thus changing the water currents. Switch up = right gate open; current flows in from outside. Switch down = left gate open; current flows past underwater lever preventing you from using it. With the switch in the up position, use the underwater lever to open the second golden door back in the larger room with the movable block. Then swim to the other side of the switch room and let the current carry you into the larger room.

Back in the ROOM WITH THE POOL, LIT TORCHES AND MOVABLE BLOCK, go through the gold door you just opened (i.e., the one opposite the empty alcove, not the one opposite the lit torches). Follow the passageway to the end and use the switch to flood the MOSSY COURTYARD you passed through earlier. Return there via the doorway flanked by lit torches. (screenshots)

MOSSY COURTYARD WITH SQUARE PILLARS - FLOODED: Swim across to the ledge below the waterfall with the two stacked openings. Follow the short passageway behind the falling water to a room with a ladder. Turn around, position Lara beneath the ladder, jump straight up to grab it, and climb up. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're having trouble making Lara grab onto the ladder try this: Position her below the ladder and facing it. Hold Action + Jump and she'll jump in place, creeping forward a little bit with each jump, until she's able to grab the ladder. Continue holding Action to hang on and press Forward to climb up.

At the top of the ladder, follow the passageway forward. When you emerge on the rocks, turn right and climb onto the ledge just ahead. Turn right into another short passageway behind the falling water. Use the switch there to open the underwater gate below. Exit the passage and dive into the water. (This is a great opportunity to try a swan dive: hold Walk then press Jump + Forward.) Swim across the pool and down through the gate you just opened. (screenshots)

Follow the long, underwater passage until you can surface in a small room. Kill the tiger (17) waiting here. Then search the two dark corners for some MP5 clips and shotgun shells (30-31). Climb the ladder to the roof. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you like, you can tread water until the tiger moves away. Then climb up into the shallow water and quickly jump forward to grab the ladder. Climb to the top of the ladder, pick up the key (as described in the next paragraph), and shoot the tiger from above. Once it's dead, climb back down to get the ammo in the alcoves before moving on.

ON THE ROOF/LEVEL EXIT: The INDRA KEY (32) is sitting on the floor at the top of the ladder. Grab it quickly before a monkey (18) scurries up and steals it. If the creature reaches the key before you do, you'll have to kill it in order to get the key back.

Go around the corner to emerge on a ledge above the large pool of quicksand you saw at the beginning of the level. On the steps below is another tiger (19). You can probably kill it from above, or drop down onto the steps and quickly jump over the quicksand to one of the ledges near the exit. The tiger won't cross the quicksand, and you can ignore it or shoot it from there.

On the left of the quicksand trench, when facing the exit, is an alcove with some shotgun shells (33). On the right is a keyhole. (screenshot) Stand near the keyhole and press Action to open Lara's inventory and Action again to use the Indra Key. This opens the gate between the pillars. Jump down into the quicksand and step forward to end the level.

A cut scene ensues, in which Lara encounters Tony, a researcher who has clearly been having a rough time in the jungle. She tries to find out more about the artifact she's seeking, but Tony either can't or won't tell her what he knows.

I've included full cut scene transcripts on a separate page. You can also re-watch the movie on my YouTube channel.

NOTES ON SAVE/POWER-UP CRYSTALS: In the PlayStation version, players can only save the game by using a save crystal. These floating blue crystals are found throughout the game world. Unlike the crystals in the original Tomb Raider, which could only be used on the spot where they were found, TR3 save crystals are collected and stored in the inventory until they are needed. Saving the game expends one crystal. So PlayStation gamers still need to be frugal with their saves.

The PC and Macintosh versions of TR3 allow players to save at any point, just like the previous games. The developers originally planned to use save crystals, but this feature was not finished for the final release. The crystals are still there, though they are green instead of blue. They function as power-ups, equivalent to small medi packs, but must be used on the spot.

NOTES ON THE PC/MAC DEMO: Demos are are available on the TR3 Downloads page. The first PC demo is nearly identical to the first level (India: Jungle), though there are a few minor differences. The green save/power-up crystals are useless in the demo. Also in the PC demo, MP5 clips and Desert Eagle clips appear as M-16 and automatic pistol clips. In the PC demo, you begin with the shotgun, so there's no need to go after the first secret, and in any case the secrets don't register as such when you find them. Other differences are noted throughout the walkthrough.

SHORTCUT INTO RUINS (UNDERWATER PASSAGE): When you come to the CALM POOL WITH FLOATING LOG AND PASSAGE TO SECOND ZIP LINE (described above), rather than climbing onto the tree branch above the little island and pulling the switch to open the gate, just swim across the pool to the far corner, where the ruins meet the rock wall. Here you'll find an underwater tunnel. (screenshot) Swim through until you can surface. Then climb up onto the walkway and use the 2 switches. One opens a golden door in the next room; the other opens the underwater gates into that room. Swim on through.

In this next room, there's a larger pool, 2 golden doors (one of which you just opened) and an open doorway flanked by lit torches. Swim to the platform in the middle of the pool and pick up the flares (29). Then go through the gold door and use the switch there to flood a MOSSY COURTYARD nearby. To get there, go through the doorway flanked with lit torches. (You won't need to open the second gold door since you took this shortcut.)

In the far right corner of the MOSSY COURTYARD is a save/power-up crystal (6). To get it, swim across the pool and climb out on the stone steps leading up to the left. The passageway at the top of the steps leads back to the river. This is where you would have come in had you not taken the shortcut. Ignore it and instead climb onto the lower of the two angled blocks, jump to the second angled block, and then jump from there to the ledge with the crystal. Drop down and continue with the main walkthrough from the section, "MOSSY COURTYARD WITH SQUARE PILLARS - FLOODED" above).

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2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.
4/29/24 - Added sequential kill and item counts, which will hopefully be helpful for both the classic and remastered versions. More remaster updates coming eventually. Thanks for your patience.

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