Khufu's Queen's Pyramids Detail

Approach the deep pit to the north, between the GREAT PYRAMID and the two smaller pyramids. First jump to the small, square ledge on the left (west) side of the pit.

Take a running jump angled to the left to land in the space between the two small pyramids. (Don't aim for the small ledge jutting out into the pit, marked 'X'. It's too far away.) Kill the giant scorpion that charges out of the gap between the pyramids.

(1) Take a running jump from the jutting ledge across the pit to grab the ledge on the opposite side. (2) From there, take a standing jump to the block ledge on the right (south). Kill a giant beetle, then (3) climb onto the ledge above. Turn right (north) and (4) take a running jump to the small ledge protruding from the sandy side of the pyramid. Don't try to grab or Lara won't make it.

Walk to the corner of the ledge (the pit is on Lara's left) and take a standing jump to the next ledge ahead, which is steeply angled but still flat enough for Lara to stand on.

Now take a running jump across the pit to grab the protruding ledge on the other side. Pull up.

Pull up and turn right (north). From here you should be able to kill the giant beetle sitting on the rock ledge ahead. Take a running jump to the ledge where the beetle was and get ready to fight the giant scorpion that comes from between the pyramids.

Get the small medipack at the back of the space between the two small pyramids. Push the movable boulder as far as you can to the west (away from the pit) onto the faint carved bird symbol.

This causes a door to open in the small pyramid just to your left.

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