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Updated: 9/18/01

Kills:Items: 6 plus Uzis, Desert Eagle, Swipe Card, 2 Keys, Nitrogen Canister, Oxygen Canister and 2 Golden Rose Secrets*

Sinking sub diagram

You're back inside the nuclear sub, only things have changed a bit after the blast. The map to the right includes some areas where you've already been. Blocked passages are indicated by jagged lines. The X near the top left marks the spot where you begin.

(NOTE: Again, the map comes from and is used with permission. I have modified it from Theresa's original to follow my text.)

DIVING SUIT AREA: You can explore the diving-suit rooms ahead if you want to, but they don't contain anything you need. If you want to skip them, just turn around and climb down the ladder (or safety drop) to the deck below.

Enter the TORPEDO ROOM and shoot the bad guy on the other side. He drops some Uzi clips. Continue to a T intersection, killing another goon in the hall to the right. He drops Desert Eagle clips. Continue to the right and climb the ladder to the MIDDLE DECK (where the KITCHEN and MESS HALL are located).

Just down the corridor on the right is a partly flooded hall with fires blocking the way. At the end of the hall (around the corner to the left) is a swipe card door, for which you still don't have a card, and an empty STOREROOM. The vent above the storeroom has collapsed, so this is a dead end until you get a swipe card. You'll have to go through the BURNING HALLWAY.

Approach the first flame but don't get too close. Position Lara a full floor tile from the flame and as close to either wall as possible (as shown in this screenshot). Take a standing jump over the flame. If you set it up correctly, Lara won't take any heat damage. Enter the STOREROOM on the left (between the two flames). Search the shelves near the crate to find the UZIS. Again, the duct overhead is blocked. So go back into the corridor and jump over the second flame (on the left) the same way you did the first. Continue toward the MESS HALL.

Cut Scene: Live wires dangle into the water pooled on the floor. Not a safe place to play.

If Lara steps into the water on the floor, the electric shock will quickly drain her health. So use the tabletops to get across. Take a standing jump from the edge of the doorway (taking care not to step off) onto the tabletop ahead. Take another standing jump to the next table, making sure to stay to the left side so Lara doesn't hit her head on the overhanging duct and fall into the water.

The KITCHEN is on the left, but wait to go there. More dangling wires there prevent you from getting anything done. Instead, jump to the third table on this side of the room. Walk to the corner of the table nearest the doorway at the end of the room. Take a hop back then do a running jump, pressing Action to lower Lara's arc, so she lands just inside the doorway. (See this screenshot to get oriented.)

It's safe to walk through the water in the next hallway. Turn right at the T and kill the goon hiding in the STOREROOM. This room (shaded gray in the diagram) was inaccessible in the SUBMARINE level, but the goon has opened the door for you. He won't be needing his SWIPE CARD anymore, so feel free to take it. Also grab a small medipack from the shelf opposite the door. Return to the doorway to the MESS HALL.

Take a standing jump from the doorway to the table straight ahead, then another standing jump to the next table. Be sure to jump on the left side so Lara doesn't hit the duct above. Jump again to the third table. There's still nothing doing in the HEAD, so you can skip that area. Take a standing jump from the last table on the left to the table across the aisle, pressing Action so Lara doesn't hit her head. Repeat that move to get into the doorway of the BURNING HALLWAY.

Go back through the BURNING HALLWAY, jumping the flames as you did before. At the T, go to the right. (Left leads to the ladder down to the TORPEDO ROOM.) Now that you have a SWIPE CARD you can open the door at the end of the hall. (NOTE: There may be buggy dramatic music here. Don't worry, there's no danger.)

BEHIND SWIPE CARD DOOR/TO UPPER DECK: Follow the hallway past a CORRIDOR WITH DANGLING WIRES. Note the locked STATEROOM door beyond the live wires. You'll be back. Continue to a ladder and climb to the UPPER DECK.


(NOTE: It's possible to cross this room by jumping from console to console, but it's much easier to come back later when the power is off.)

At the end of the hall is a SECOND CONTROL ROOM WITH PERISCOPES. Cross the room and open the hatch with the wheel. Enter.

Cut Scene: Lara meets the injured admiral. He gives her a key. Their conversation is transcribed on the movie page.

After the cut scene, you'll have a SILVER KEY in your inventory. Make a mental note of the ladder on the wall next to the admiral. This leads to the ESCAPE POD. If you check it out, you'll notice there are two empty receptacles on the wall up there. You'll need to collect a few items to make the pod work.

BACK INTO THE AIR DUCTS: Go back into the SECOND CONTROL ROOM WITH PERISCOPES. Look for the vents on the duct running along near the ceiling on the left side of the room. The second vent cover is loose. (See this screenshot if you have trouble spotting it.) Stand on the small, square table beneath the vent and jump straight up while firing pistols to shatter the slats. Take a standing forward jump from the edge of the little table to grab the opening in the duct. Pull up. (Now you're inside the duct opposite the one where Lara overheard the admiral and Mikhailov arguing in the first submarine level.)

Crawl to the right and around the corner to a trapdoor. Open it and drop into the STOREROOM WITH ELECTRICAL SWITCH. The switch is high on the wall between the two yellow signs. Position Lara directly under the switch. Then jump straight up and press Action to grab it (as shown in this screenshot). This turns off the power in strategic areas of the sub, deactivating the dangerous live wires. The admiral's key doesn't open this locked door. So, for now, return through the duct to the CONTROL ROOM.

Go out into the hallway and on to the CONTROL ROOM WITH DANGLING WIRES. Now that you've turned off the power, it's safe. Enter and pick up a large medipack, Desert Eagle clips and the DESERT EAGLE PISTOL, which are lying on the floor. Also take the yellow NITROGEN CANISTER on top of one of the rear consoles.

Exit and go to the right. Climb down the ladder to the deck below. The first passageway on the left, previously blocked by live wires, is now safe. But before going in, take a little detour to get a secret.

Continue straight on through the open swipe-card door, then to the right back to the BURNING HALLWAY. Jump the flames as you did before. Go through the MESS HALL, which is safe now that the power is shut off, to the kitchen on the left. Pick up the golden rose from the floor. This is secret #1 (17/36). Return through the MESS HALL and the BURNING HALLWAY. Go right at the T and through the open swipe-card door at the end of the hall. On the right, before the ladder leading to the UPPER DECK, is the CORRIDOR WITH DANGLING WIRES. The power is off and you've got the SILVER KEY, so go through and unlock the door to the STATEROOM.

Enter and search the lockers. You'll find a small medipack and the OXYGEN CANISTER. Two bad guys ambush Lara in the hallway as she leaves. Take care of them and pick up the BRONZE KEY one of them drops. Now you can get the second secret.

Climb the ladder on the right to the UPPER DECK. Follow the hall back to the SECOND CONTROL ROOM WITH PERISCOPES. Jump from the table to grab the open duct and crawl in. Follow the duct to the right back to the STOREROOM WITH THE ELECTRICAL SWITCH. Use the BRONZE KEY to open the locked door. Secret #2 (18/36), another golden rose, is in the drawer. Return through the ducts to the CONTROL ROOM.

Go through the wheeled hatch at the back to where the injured admiral is. Climb the ladder to the ESCAPE POD. Use the NITROGEN CANISTER in the receptacle on the left. This opens the other receptacle. Use the OXYGEN CANISTER there.

Cut Scene: Lara offers to aid the admiral in escaping but he refuses. (See the movie page for a transcript of their conversation.)

Two back-to-back FMV sequences: In the first movie, Lara rides the escape pod to the surface where she is spotted by Jean-Yves, and the admiral bravely goes down with his ship. Then we return to the present day, with Lara's old friends discussing the weather.

The second movie introduces the third episode, which involves young Lara's adventures on a mysterious island. Transcripts of these movies also appear on the movie page.

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*Note on Secrets: There are 36 golden roses in the game. If you find them all, after the credits you'll be able to access "Special Features" from the options menu. This is a collection of storyboards, etc., created during the game design.

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