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Items: 8 health items, 6 treasure, trinket box, socket spanner or stage door key, 2 ticket office keys
Weapons & Ammo: Desert Ranger, 15 ammo items
Enemies: security guards
Upgrades: Upper Body (garage entrance only), Lower Body

NOTE: Although one of the strength upgrades can only be had by entering this level through the garage entrance (i.e., with Bernard's key), you will not be penalized later in the game for not getting this upgrade.

If you are on Bernard's mission, you will enter the club through the garage on the Cours la Seine. Follow the walkthrough below. If you are helping Pierre, you enter by the back door. Skip down to the Rear Entrance section below.

GARAGE: After entering the garage using Bernard's key, check the counters and cabinets to find a SOCKET SPANNER (that's a wrench in American), Desert Ranger clip, Impactor batteries, bandages and an antique flintlock. (Be sure to check both compartments of each locker.) Use the switch on the side of the lift to raise the jeep revealing a trapdoor below. Use the other lever on the side of the room and Lara gets an upper-body strength upgrade. She can now break down the office door at the top of the stairs. Go into the office and pick up the DESERT RANGER and another clip for it.

Go back downstairs and drop through the trapdoor. Climb down to the lower crate and pick up M-V9 ammo and a chocolate bar. Follow the hallway and climb the ladder.

NIGHTCLUB STOREROOM: Pick up the vintage Cognac on the floor near the jumble of liquor boxes. The door at the top of the steps is locked. So use the socket spanner you found in the garage to repair the switch on the wall. Then use the switch to call the dumbwaiter. You can't get at the ammo in the dumbwaiter yet, but turning it on attracts a security guard, who comes downstairs and unlocks the door. Kill him quickly and pick up the M-V9 ammo he drops. Or, if you prefer not to fight him in close quarters, crouch down behind the wooden panel below the chain-link fence or behind the crate at the top of the steps. The guard will look around but not notice Lara. When he's gone, go through the door he unlocked and up the stairs. Pick up the walkthrough below at the Main Room/Dance Floor.

REAR ENTRANCE: When you enter the club using Pierre's key, you come in backstage. A brief cut scene reveals the layout of the area. You can take out the guard with firepower or, if you prefer, stealth.

Press Enter to go into stealth mode. Go forward to the switch. Use it to turn off the lights in the office. Then quickly, but still in stealth mode, sneak into the corner room between the switch and the office. Lurk to the right of the right door until you see the guard go past the first door. Then move to the corner between the two doors. When the guard passes the left door, wait until he stops and then sneak up behind him. Press Action to take him down. Get the M-V9 ammo he drops.

Turn the lights back on if you want to. Then head for the office. Pick up a Desert Ranger clip on the box to the left of the office door. Go through to the inner office and take everything off the desk: the DESERT RANGER, another clip for it, the STAGE DOOR KEY and a chocolate bar.

Go all the way to the other end of the hall, past the switch, and up the stairs to the stage door. If you have the key, it will open.

MAIN ROOM/DANCE FLOOR: Depending on whether you came in through the garage or the stage door, there will be either one or two security guards out here. (One is the same guard who comes to unlock the door when you enter through the garage.) Both drop M-V9 ammo when you kill them. If you came in through the garage, skip the next paragraph.

If you came in through the stage door, before continuing, go through the left door of the two next to the bar. Follow the hallway to the NIGHTCLUB STOREROOM. Pick up the vintage Cognac on the floor near the switch. The switch doesn't work for you, but you can climb down through the opening in the floor and follow the next hallway to a stack of crates, where you'll find M-V9 ammo and a chocolate bar. You can't open the trapdoor above, which leads to the garage. Return to the MAIN ROOM/DANCE FLOOR the way you came.

Go behind the bar. Use the switch to call the dumbwaiter and get 2 boxes of V-Packer shells from it. Get the goodies off the bar as well—2 chocolate bars and another bottle of Cognac. Go around to the right side of the DJ booth, where you'll find some health pills on the floor. Climb into the booth and take the Antique Record off the turntable.

This next sequence can be a little tricky, so you might want to save your game first. Use the switch on the back wall of the DJ booth to turn on the lights and music. This attracts 2 guards who emerge one at a time from the ticket office at the far end of the room. With good timing, you can kill the second guard before the office door closes, enabling you to get a few items sooner than you would otherwise. It may help to flip the switch, turn right and take a running jump over the railing. Then move out into the room and take out the first guard without the boxes getting in the way. When he dies, the ticket office door opens again and the second guard emerges. If Lara is already on the left side of the room, you'll have an easier time running to the door and killing the second guard before the door closes behind him.

Both guards drop M-V9 ammo, and you'll find a TICKET OFFICE KEY and 160 Euros on a counter in the office.

NOTE: If you don't manage to kill the second guard in time, it's no problem. The items in the ticket office are not required, and you'll have another opportunity to get them later if you want to. This way is just more convenient.

CLIMBING TO THE TOP OF THE MAIN ROOM: Whether or not you managed to get into the ticket office at this point, go up the stairs opposite the bar. Another security guard comes through the door at the top. Take him out and get his M-V9 ammo. Follow the walkway around the perimeter of the room. The stairs leading up are blocked, so push the movable speaker cabinet out onto the balcony. Climb onto the cabinet, step to the edge and jump straight up to grab the scaffolding above. Pull up.

Walk slowly along the beam out into the middle of the room. Part of the beam ahead collapses. Make sure Lara's not on it when it does. Take a running jump from the end of the jutting beam to the walkway ahead. (Or take a standing jump from the edge, grab the ledge and pull up.) Pick up the large health pack. Go to the right and shoot another rent-a-cop. Turn around and kill his buddy who approaches from the other direction. Both men leave M-V9 ammo, and there are bandages on the floor near the door where the first guard came out.

Move to the break in the railing near the lighting rig that's moving up and down and walk to the edge. Then, when the lighting rig reaches its lowest point, jump onto it. Activating walk mode before you jump will keep Lara from falling off when she lands and help her maneuver on the narrow bars. Jump across the gap to the other side of the moving rig. (Don't grab or Lara will fall short.) Climb onto the framework in the far left corner. Climb around to the back and then up to the top of the structure. (This screenshot shows where to jump and climb.)

Once Lara is on top of the lighting rig, there are a few possible ways to continue. This walkthrough covers the shortest route that also gets all items. The note below describes the longer route. For a shortcut that bypasses one item pickup, just skip the next two paragraphs.

First take a detour to get some ammo. From the top of the rig where Lara first climbed up, jump across to the other side. The easiest jump is probably diagonally from corner to corner. If you walk to the edge, then press Jump and Action, Lara will grab the flat triangular surface at the corner. Pull up. Then position Lara so the catwalk with the raised drawbridge is on her left. Walk to the edge nearest the walkway with the ladder. When the rig moves to its highest position, jump down to that ledge. (Both jumps are shown in this screenshot.)

Climb onto the ledge to the left of the ladder. Approach the ramp on the other side, turn around and slide down the ramp facing uphill. Press Action as you slide so Lara will grab the edge. Traverse around the corner to the right (as shown in this screenshot) and pull up onto a ledge where you'll find a Desert Ranger clip. To get down crawl to the left, where the ledge has collapsed, and press Forward to somersault to the floor below. Return to the gap in the railing and jump onto the lighting rig as you did before. Climb to the top of the rig.

The following jump is a little tricky, so you might want to save your game first and/or use the alternate path, described in the note below. Instead of jumping across to the opposite corner of the lighting rig, turn to face the glassed-in LIGHTING BOOTH. Position Lara at about halfway along the edge of the rig. Turn so she faces just slightly to the left (as shown in this screenshot) and then side flip to the right to clear the fence and land at the base of the drawbridge. Positioning is key here. If Lara is too far to the right before jumping, she'll overshoot the walkway. If she's too far to the left, or not angled correctly, she'll hit the fence. After making the jump, continue with the strength upgrade below.

NOTE: Alternatively, follow the walkthrough above to get the Desert Ranger clip if you want to and return to the top of the lighting rig. But instead of jumping over the fence, once more jump to the opposite corner of the lighting rig, then to the ledge with the ladder. (Again, this is shown in a screenshot.) Climb onto the ledge to the left of the ladder. Slide down the ramp facing forward and jump to land on the ledge in the corner. Turn left, jump the gap and walk to the edge. Jump to grab the support beam ahead and traverse to the left. A pipe running along the top of the beam prevents Lara from pulling up right away, so traverse to the left until she can. Go left and jump down to the ledge near the LIGHTING BOOTH door.

Lara can't open the LIGHTING BOOTH door yet. So approach the raised drawbridge and press Action to kick it down and get a lower-body strength upgrade. A cut scene shows a second lighting rig which isn't moving. Now Lara can kick the locked door down and go inside.

LIGHTING BOOTH: Pick up the TICKET OFFICE KEY on the floor. The trinket box Lara needs is inside the one broken light (the one that flashes on and off). In order to get it, you must use the levers on the control board to manipulate the lights. The lever on the left rotates the array of lights. Each time you use it, you'll see a brief cut scene showing what happens. Notice how one light is flashing (the brownish one, not the blue ones). Use the left lever twice to move the flashing light to the bottom-center. Then use the right lever to slide that light into the wooden cabinet.

NOTE: If you're having trouble arranging the lights correctly, see this series of screenshots. Note that the switch on the lighting booth wall doesn't do anything. Both switches on the control board work; however, the left switch, which rotates the lights, is disabled temporarily whenever the right switch has been pulled to move one of the lights into the cabinet. To rotate the lights again, you must first pull the right switch so there is no light in the cabinet. Then use the left switch again to rotate the lights.

Exit the booth and go across the drawbridge. Either climb the ladder or just pull up onto the ledge above. Reach into the wooden cabinet (Action) to get the TRINKET BOX. Climb back down to the drawbridge. As you head back, another guard comes up through the lighting booth, so wait for him to come out and shoot him. Otherwise, he may corner Lara in the small room. Get the M-V9 clip he drops.

Once you have the trinket box, you can leave through the other door in the lighting booth. (Skip down to the section on EXITING THE CLUB.) Or, head back downstairs for a few more pickups.

BACK DOWN TO THE DANCE FLOOR: Go back into the lighting booth and climb down the ladder. Pick up the chocolate bar. (Mmmm...floor candy.) The door ahead leads to the middle level of the disco. When you go through, it closes behind you. Follow the walkway all the way around to the other side. Jump from the first break in the railing to the jutting support beam (not the lighting rig, which is a bit farther on). Cross the beam and drop down on the other side where you moved the speaker cabinet earlier. Watch out for the security guard who appears on the dance floor and then heads upstairs. Take him out and get his M-V9 ammo. Another guard may or may not come out of the TICKET OFFICE at this point. I was unable to figure out what triggers him. If he appears, you can kill him and get another M-V9 clip.

If you have already been inside the TICKET OFFICE, or if you don't want the last pickup of 160 Euros, then you're finished here. Skip down to the section on EXITING THE CLUB. To get that last item, go downstairs to the dance floor and use the Ticket Office Key to open the office door, which is on the opposite wall from the DJ booth. Inside you'll find 160 Euros on a counter and another TICKET OFFICE KEY, which you don't really need. (Perhaps it was originally intended to open something, but it doesn't seem to have a purpose now.)

EXITING THE CLUB: Now make your way back up to the lighting booth the same way you went before. Now that the drawbridge is down, you can jump directly onto it from the top of the lighting rig. Just be sure to take 5 or 6 steps back from the edge before jumping; otherwise lara will overshoot the walkway. Go back into the lighting booth and exit through the other door. Climb down the ladder, drop through the hole in the floor and go down the steps to an opening. Safety drop to the alley below (the Rue de Clef).

NOTE: It is also possible to access the secret, unfinished portion of the first level from the small balcony just outside the Serpent Rouge lighting booth. (See the Unfinished Training Area pages for more info.)


Items: 1 health item, 3 treasure/money
Weapons & Ammo: 4 ammo items
Enemies: none
Upgrades: none

The abandoned Metro tunnels are technically part of the Bouchard's Hideout level but are included here because they are not physically connected to Bouchard's. After leaving the Serpent Rouge is a good time to explore the tunnels if you haven't already. This is completely optional, though. If you don't want to do it, just skip to the end of the page.

Climb down into the tunnels through either manhole (in the Rue de Clef behind the Serpent Rouge or the Cours la Seine near Janice) and follow the tunnel to the hub where four passages meet. If you came down through the manhole behind the Serpent Rouge, take the tunnel to the right. If you entered through the manhole in the Cours la Seine, take the tunnel straight ahead.

Continue to an open shaft. Walk carefully along the broken ledge to the right. Drop and hang from the ledge and traverse to the left. Climb the rough wall down, then left, then up into a doorway, where you'll find a diamond ring. Climb back to the broken ledge above. Take a running jump across the shaft to grab the other side. Pull up and pick up a Vector clip in the tunnel ahead. Climb the ladder to a room with various crates and pipes. Go through to the next room. Kick open the door. (NOTE: Lara will not be able to this if you haven't gotten the lower-body strength upgrade in the Serpent Rouge.)

Get the large health pack and follow the catwalk to the right to find a wad of 80 Euros. To get back down quickly, return to the end of the catwalk near the door and jump over the railing to land near on the ledge below. Or, return the way you came. Follow the tunnel back to the four-way intersection.

Now follow the tunnel on the right. Climb onto the crate and jump up to grab the crumbling wall. Climb up, traverse to the right and pull up on a small platform. Turn around and jump to the next platform. Face the wall and jump straight up to grab the molding. Traverse to the right and pull up in the doorway. Crawl through to a small, dark room. Climb through the opening on the other side. (Here the Parisian Ghetto level re-loads.)

This is the abandoned Metro entrance beneath the Parc de Lune (where you met Bernard, if you took that path). Pick up all the goodies on the floor—V-Packer cartridges, 320 Euros, Desert Ranger clip and Vector clip—before going through the gate because it doesn't open from the other side.

Before continuing to St. Aicard's Graveyard, you must return the trinket box to either Bernard, Pierre or the doorman, in the Parisian Ghetto level.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/16/07 - Changed order of a few sections to save backtracking. Added a few shortcuts, as well as missed pickups in the garage and Metro tunnels sections. Made a few minor changes for clarity.
4/14/07 - Added note on switches in the lighting booth.

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