Bolivia - Cage & Pressure Pad Puzzle
Part 1: Opening the Exit

The way out is on the high ledge at the far end of the room. To open it you must activate the 3 square pressure pads on the long ledge near the entrance. The left and right pads control the huge gears on each side wall. The center pad actually raises the door. All three pads must be depressed at the same time for the mechanism to work. You'll need 2 of the 3 movable cages. Lara will press the third pad.

This sequence is also shown in a gameplay video.

After killing the jaguar, drop down off the walkway near the seesaw-like stone structure.

First, pull the cage out from beneath the end of the seesaw.

Then push it onto the lowered end.

Climb back onto the walkway and go to the top of the small flight of steps at the end.

Jump onto the raised end of the seesaw to catapult the cage up onto the ledge.

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