Bolivia - Cage & Pressure Pad Puzzle
Part 5: Silver Reward #3

Before going for the gold, look for the silver reward (3/5) on one of the ledges high above the huge gear on the other side of the room. To get there, cross the wide ledge near the exit.

Face the support column between this ledge and the huge gear. Jump to grab the handhold on that column.

Climb around the corner to the right. Jump to grab the ledge above. Jump again to pull up.

Jump straight up to grab the horizontal chain and traverse hand over hand to the opposite ledge. Drop down and take the silver statue.

Head back the way you came: Climb along the chain to the opposite ledge. Hang from the edge and drop to grab the handhold below. Traverse to the left. . .

. . . and around the corner. Once Lara is hanging with her back toward the ledge near the exit, lean back and jump to land there.

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