Bolivia - Combat in the Ruins

To take out a few of the mercenaries from the top of the slope, move to the edge and position Lara near the big, tan boulder. Hold the Target Lock key. A red targeting reticle means the enemy is within range, but even if the reticle is gray, some of Lara's shots should connect.

If Lara is close enough, you should also see the Interact icon on the tall, gray pillar indicating that it is another environmental hazard. If not, inch forward a bit until the icon is visible. Wait until one of the soldiers is standing beneath the pillar and then press Interact to fire.

The pillar then topples over onto the enemy.

After taking out the first two soldiers, slide down the slope and begin to draw out the others.

When fighting groups like this, try to advance gradually so you don't have to engage all of them at once. Once the fighting starts, either keep moving or take cover where you can (e.g., behind the breakaway stone walls, Jeep, etc.). Use health packs as needed, but try to wait until Lara's health is below 50% before doing so, otherwise you're wasting them. Then run over any health packs enemies drop to add them to your inventory.

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