Croft Manor - Secret Passage

Turn on the PLS and descend into the dark passageway. Get the silver reward (2/10) sitting in plain sight.

Go around the tall stack of boxes to find a golden switch in the shape of a face with a protruding tongue. Use the switch to reveal an inscribed plaque.

Stand close and Press Interact to read it. This curious clue is one of several leading to the level's gold reward.

You must have Lara actually read the inscription, by pressing Interact, in order to unlock the next clue in the puzzle.

NOTE: The visible words on the plaque say something completely different: "This Cloister is Erected/to the Glory of God and/in Loving Memory of/J a[?] E S Loyes/1853-1912/Daughters of the/American Revolution." The same words appear on other plaques in the manor. I'm not sure if this is an Easter egg with some significance or possibly a texture based on a real-life memorial somewhere, but it doesn't seem relevant to the game. Thanks to Iaian for pointing this out.

At the next corner there's a stack of 3 wooden crates. One contains a bronze reward (4/16). Shoot the crate to get it. (Aiming manually using Z/R3/right stick button makes this easier.)

The passage continues to another tongue switch, which opens a concealed door leading into the BEDROOM. Open it if you like. Then return to the LIBRARY through the secret passage.

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