Croft Manor - Swimming Pool
Part 1: Preparing to Reach the Balconies

From the entrance to the swimming pool room, make your way forward along the right wall. Note the carved, fish-shaped pillars with handles. These move. Pull the first one out from the wall.

Do the same with the second.

Continue around to the far left corner and get the bronze reward (6/16) hidden behind the two deck chairs.

Continue around the perimeter of the pool, stopping to pull out a third, taller fish pillar.

Pick up the bronze reward (7/16) behind it.

Then push the pillar to the edge of the pool.

Notice the spears the statues in the alcoves are holding. The ones on the other side of the pool are already extended horizontally. Use the magnetic grapple to extend the spears on this side.

Now you're ready to start climbing.

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