England - Tomb Entrance

Use the magnetic grapple to arrange the 2 lampposts so they'll be useful. Position the lamppost to the right of the entrance so its end points toward the lake.

Move the one on the left so it is parallel to the base of the ramp.

On the far left, when facing the building, there's a tall, square platform with luminescent blue bands that serve as handholds. Climb on top of the platform to CHECKPOINT 12.

Turn right and jump to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around it and jump onto the ramp. Slide just a little and jump to grab the lamppost.

Lara's weight causes it to rotate back to the left.

Swing around the bar, jump, and then quickly press Jump again to grapple the lantern high above the door. Swing forward and jump to detach the cable and grab the second lamppost.

It also rotates back to its original position. Swing around it and jump to grab the narrow stone step ahead. Pull up. Climb onto the higher step and jump to grab the horizontal crevice. Climb to the right end of it.

Then jump to grab the light-colored windowsill above. Climb to the right and jump to grab the next sill. Climb along the second windowsill. Then jump to the right (not backward) to grab the gold chain.

Climb to the top of the chain and jump onto the roof to trigger CHECKPOINT 13.

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