England - Exiting King Arthur's Tomb

Approach Sir Bedivere's crypt—in the row of crypts on the left when facing the King's glowing sarcophagus. (It is carved with the old spelling, "BEDWYR".) After the cut scene, grasp the end of Bedivere's crypt and pull it across the floor.

Notice the two columns in the middle of the room. One is broken off at the top. Push the chunk of crypt up against the broken column.

Stand facing the exit with Lara's back toward King Arthur's remains, so the dangling chandelier and silver bell are between Lara and the door, and the broken column is on Lara's left. Use the magnetic grapple to pull the chandelier as far as possible toward Lara. Then release the cable.

Run to the chunk of stone you just moved. Use it to climb onto the broken pillar.

Turn right and jump to grab the rope with the iron counterweight.

Lara's weight pulls it down, raising the bell. If you've pulled the chandelier hard enough, it will then swing forward and strike the bell.

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