England - Gold Reward

The following sequence is also shown in a video.

After killing the mercenaries in the room with the spinning blades, use one of the metal cages to climb up onto the ledge opposite the one where the soldiers were.

On the right is a movable panel inscribed with the Roman numeral I. Push the panel as far as it will go. Then climb back down to the floor.

Move one of the cages beneath the opposite ledge. The grapple is useful here for dragging the cage quickly.

Climb up and retrieve any items the mercenaries dropped—health, grenades, SUBMACHINE GUN and/or ammo The level is almost over, but there are a number of enemies ahead. You may want to take SMG here, since lots of ammo is available.

Push the movable panel with the Roman numeral II all the way in.

Go to the opposite end of the ledge and look down into the small room below. The spinning blades there should be blocked by a metal cage, which the soldiers apparently moved there. If that is the case, drop down and go under the blades into the room with the lever where you came in earlier.

If the blades below are still moving, instead drop back down into the room where you just were. Move one of the other cages to block the blades in the middle doorway (i.e., opposite the hall with the flame trap) and go through there.

Cross CHECKPOINT 17 and advance carefully toward the corner before the next set of flame traps. Take out the 2 mercenaries and cross back over the flame traps. Continue to the broken stairs above the pool with burning oil, kill the third soldier on the other side and jump across. Follow the hall back to the TALL ROOM WITH BROKEN STAIRS. Take out one more soldier in that room. (The main walkthrough covers all this in detail.)

Locate the movable panel with the Roman numeral III. Push it as far as it will go.

As long as you've also pushed the other two panels in the previous area, a secret compartment on the next wall will open. The gold reward (1/1) is inside.

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