England - King Arthur's Court

To get over the big hole in the floor, stand on the planks laid across it, facing the 2 horizontal signposts sticking out of the wall. Jump to grab the first one.

Swing around it and jump to grab the second signpost.

Lara's weight causes it to swing toward the right wall.

Before it swings back, jump to grab the horizontal pole protruding from the back wall (and now directly behind Lara). If the second signpost swings back before you can jump off, jump back to the first signpost, turn around and try again.

From the horizontal pole on the back wall, swing and jump to grab the top of the wooden door ahead. (It's easy to miss this particular grab and end up hanging by one hand. If that happens, don't forget to press Interact to do a saving grab.)

The door opens downward like a drawbridge. As it starts to descend, jump back to the pole.

Then quickly turn around, swing around the pole and jump into the opening before the door closes again.

If you miss and Lara falls into the pit, use the handholds shown above to climb out. Then repeat the whole sequence.

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