England - Silver Reward #1

First, use the grapple to pull out the metal grate high on the wall.

NOTE: At this point, you may want to use the grapple to drag the metal grate off to one side to prevent the forklift from getting stuck on it when you start driving around.

Use the forklift to move one of the stacked crates into the corner beneath the grate. (The main walkthrough covers the forklift controls.) It doesn't need to be positioned too precisely. Now use the forklift to pick up another crate. Maneuver the forklift so the crate it's holding is directly beneath the grate. Raise the fork to its highest position. Then step off.

Climb onto the first crate you moved. Then climb onto the crate on the forklift. From there, you should be able to reach the opening.

Stacking two crates below the opening and then placing a third nearby to use as a step (as shown above) also works but takes longer.

The professor's office is inside. There's a silver reward (1/5) in plain sight.

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