England - Coffin Surfing

Grapple the chandelier above the pool and pull it toward Lara. Then release the cable so the chandelier swings toward the alcove on the opposite wall, breaking the bars there.

Use the grapple to pull the coffin in the alcove down into the water.

Jump or climb on top of the coffin. Turn to face the entrance and grapple the metal sconce on the right wall. Press Interact to pull Lara along on top of the floating coffin.

When you reach that sconce, release the cable and grapple the sconce in the hallway beyond the pressure pad. Keep pulling to bring the coffin right up to the edge of the pool.

Release the grapple, hop off the coffin, turn around and grapple it. Step back a bit. Then pull the coffin out of the water and onto the pressure pad. This holds open the gate farther along the hallway. Go through and continue to CHECKPOINT 11.

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