Ghana - Combat in the Waterfall Room

NOTE: You may want to save the game here. This fight can be a bit tricky, and this is the last chance to stock up on ammo and health before the upcoming fight with James Rutland. If you save before taking on the mercenaries and it doesn't go the way you want it to, you can reload at CHECKPOINT 19 and try again.

Stand next to the stream a near the metal bridge and fuel barrels. Watch the men below and when one of them walks out onto the bridge, kick one of the barrels into the stream (Interact).

It will go over the falls and explode, destroying the bridge and killing the man. (If you're not proficient with rope swinging, skip the business with the barrel so the wooden bridge will remain intact.)

Cross the metal bridge, taking care not to fall in. If that happens, Lara will be swept over the falls and killed. Run forward toward the far wall (i.e., the left side of the room when facing the mercenaries). There's a small staircase leading down to the ledge below. Move down just as far as the landing.

Turn right to face the front of the room. Then you can strafe out to the left to shoot the 2 soldiers waiting here and move back to the right when you need to reload. (If you don't destroy the bridge, the third man here usually crosses the bridge to the other side, but look out for him just in case.)

Move forward along the ledge but stay to the right, next to the stairs and out of view of all but one of the men on the far ledge. As soon as you can get a lock on the man ahead on the left, shoot him.

Now there should be 3 or 4 mercenaries remaining, depending on whether you killed that first man by destroying the bridge. Move forward until you can target the man in the white shirt. Take him out quickly, since he's carrying a grenade launcher. This is especially important if you haven't already destroyed the bridge. Do not step out onto the bridge until he's dead, since he can blow it out from under Lara. You may want to take cover in the corner behind the metal boxes on the left. They don't offer complete protection, but they seem to help a little.

Once the grenade launcher guy is dead, move out and deal with the last 2 or 3 mercenaries.

Cross the wooden bridge. Do not step on the seam where the bridge meets the far ledge. If you do, Lara may get stuck between the textures, as shown above. Then you'll have to quit the game and reload.

If the bridge has been destroyed, use the 3 dangling ropes to swing across.

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