Ghana - Silver Reward #4 - Alternate Path

To obtain this reward after fighting the mercenaries at the waterfall, first pick up all the dropped items you want to keep for the upcoming boss fight. Then go through the doorway where the white-shirted guy was standing. Cross CHECKPOINT 20. Shoot the leopard in the next room if you want to or wait and deal with it later. The important thing is to use the checkpoint. Then if Lara dies while going after the reward, you won't have to fight the soldiers again.

Now return across the metal bridge to the ledge near the end of the wooden bridge. It doesn't matter whether you destroyed the bridge or not. With the bridge (or dangling ropes) on Lara's right, look ahead and down, and you should spot the ledge with the brown door concealing the silver reward.

Jump from the spot shown in the screenshot above down to that ledge.

Move onto the low step on the other side of the door and toss a grenade at the door to blow it open.

Get the reward inside.

Then climb back onto the low step, grab the handhold above, climb to the right and jump past the gushing water to grab the corner pillar.

At this point, I recommend swinging across the lower set of horizontal poles to re-use CHECKPOINT 19 at the entrance to this area. Then swing back to the corner column and climb back up as you did before. Return across the wooden bridge (or ropes) to the exit and go on. Pick up the walkthrough at CHECKPOINT 20, which will register again if you've used CHECKPOINT 19.

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