Ghana - Boss Fight: Rutland - Grenade Strategy

This sequence is also shown in a gameplay video.

As soon as the cut scene ends, target Rutland (i.e., in Standard Combat Mode, point the camera toward him and hold the Target Lock button). He will be standing on one of the ledges.

Just before he jumps down, throw a grenade. It should land right underneath him.

If you time it correctly, the grenade will explode just as he hits the ground, knocking him off balance. Continue holding Target Lock and throwing grenades as quickly as you can until you run out.

Then immediately follow up with rifle fire or launched grenades. As long as that first grenade knocks him down and you continue hitting him without pause, he won't be able to get up and jump back onto the ledge to heal. You can kill him this way in about 10 seconds.

NOTE: If you're playing on the Hard (Tomb Raider) difficulty setting, be sure to equip the grenade launcher as your secondary weapon for this fight. Then, when you run out of hand grenades, you'll still have enough firepower to bring Rutland down before he has a chance to heal himself.

Special thanks to Treeble, who I believe discovered this excellent strategy, and to Robert, who first brought it to my attention.

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