Japan - Construction Zone Swinging Platforms

Face the pedestrian bridge with the curved metal arches. Just ahead you'll see a hanging platform. Use the magnetic grapple to pull it toward Lara. Detach the grapple and wait for the platform to swing away.

When it swings back toward Lara, jump onto it.

Jump off the other end of the platform and quickly press the Jump key again to grapple the floodlight above and swing out past the corner of the building.

While hanging from the cable, turn right, swing and jump to land on the small ledge with CHECKPOINT 9.

Use the grapple to catch the first of 2 hanging platforms ahead. Pull it toward Lara and then release the cable.

As the platform moves away, step toward the edge. Then when the platform swings back toward Lara, jump onto it.

Move to the far edge of the first platform. Then when it swings close to the second one, jump onto it. (You can also grapple the second platform while standing on the first to bring it closer.) Jump off the far edge of the second scaffold, and quickly press Jump again. . .

. . . to grapple another light fixture attached to the building.

Turn right to face the gap in the railing of the rooftop garden. Swing and jump to the terrace and CHECKPOINT 10.

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