Japan - Stairwell - Bronze Reward #2 and Silver #1

From the rooftop garden, enter the building where the men came out. First go downstairs to get a bronze reward (4/6) in another breakable wooden box.

As with the others, use manual aim (Z/R3/right stick button) to smash the crate and then grab or grapple the statue.

Climb the stairs to the very top. Find the break in the railing and step out onto the pipes. Walk to the bend in the pipes and jump to grab the light-colored horizontal shelf against the left wall. Traverse as far as you can to the right.

Then jump back onto the pipes behind Lara. Shoot the small crate. . .

. . . and take the silver reward (2/4) inside.

To get down, walk along the pipes until you are again opposite the light-colored horizontal shelf. Jump to grab it. Drop and grab the shelf below. Drop from there to the floor.

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