Nepal - Icy Slopes

This sequence is also covered in the same gameplay video that shows how to obtain the gold reward.

After the interactive cut scene, Lara is left standing near the trench where the wreck was.

Jump from the end of the trench across the chasm and onto the icy slope ahead, which slants down to the left.

Slide almost to the end and then jump to grab the horizontal pole. Quickly swing and jump to the next icy slope before the pole breaks off. This slope points down to the right.

NOTE: If you're having trouble making Lara swing around the pole immediately after grabbing, it helps to move the camera behind her as she slides. Then she should jump and grab the pole more securely.

Slide almost to the bottom and jump to land on another slope, which is perpendicular to the previous one and slants down to the left.

Again, slide and jump across the gap ahead to land on another slope.

When you touch down here, press Interact to shoot the ice wall ahead.

Slide to the end of the slope where the ice wall was and jump the gap to land on yet another slope. This one carries Lara down to the right.

Near the end of the slope, jump to grab another horizontal pole. Before it breaks, quickly swing and jump to the safe, flat ledge below. (Seems like some sturdy nylon rope and crampons would be easier but, hey, it's Lara's call.)

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