Nepal - Ice Caves & Bronze Reward #4

The following is also shown in the gold reward video.

Across the next deep pit you'll see several ledges and poles. The floor on this side juts out a bit on the left side. Jump across the pit there to grab the ice shelf on the other side; pull up. Alister comments briefly on the architecture.

Turn right and jump to grab the horizontal pole. (Don't worry. This one doesn't break.) Swing around and jump to grab the light-colored ice shelf on the wall ahead. Climb to the left.

Jump across the gap to grab the handhold on the other side.

This ice shelf starts to collapse, so quickly move the camera behind Lara for better control and tap Interact as you climb to the left to go faster. Let go—or just wait for the ice to break off—and grab the solid handhold below.

Jump back to grab the next horizontal pole, which is sturdy enough to support Lara's weight.

Swing around and jump to grab the long icicle ahead. This icicle is also solid, so there's no need to hurry.

Ignore the second icicle. Climb up the first one and jump onto the precariously balanced pedestal to the right.

Immediately take a running jump to grab the horizontal handhold on the wall ahead. Traverse to the right and pull up on a narrow ledge made of ice.

Turn around and then move to the right side of the opening and look to the far wall of the cave, beyond the big icicles and the broken pedestal, to spot a bronze reward (4/9) in a little niche. Use the grapple to retrieve it. If you can't immediately grapple the reward, try using manual aim.

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