Nepal - Grappling the Golden Block onto the Ledge

Instead of going through the elaborate process of solving the balance puzzle, as shown in the previous set of screenshots, Lara can grapple the golden block up onto the ledge. This takes a little finesse, but if you practice it first, it can save precious seconds during a time trial.

Climb onto the ledge, step to the very edge and grapple the block from above. Pull it as high as you can and then release the Interact button just briefly in order to step back a bit from the edge. Then immediately start pulling again. If you stop pulling on the cable for too long, the block slides back and the cable touches the edge of the ledge and releases. Then you must start over.

Alternate between pulling and stepping back until you're able to haul the block all the way up onto the ledge.

Then either grapple or pull/push it squarely onto the pressure pad to open the door below.

Again, check out MMAN's YouTube video to see how it's done.

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