Nepal - Escaping from the Ruins

After breaking down the door with Excalibur and exiting the temple, a brief cut scene plays. When it finishes, you must make your way across the precarious platforms to the exit.

Quickly run and jump across the gap to the square platform on the left. Turn right and take a running jump to the rectangular platform ahead. (If you jump just at the edge of the first platform, Lara can land on the second without having to grab the edge and pull up.)

After landing on the rectangular platform, turn right again (i.e., back toward the center of the room) and take a running jump to the next platform. Immediately turn left.

Keep running and jump onto the square platform ahead.

As it tips forward, bringing Lara closer to the ledge below the entrance, take a running jump to grab that ledge, triggering the final cut scene.

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