Nepal - Alternate Path to the Exit

After breaking down the door with Excalibur and exiting the temple, a brief cut scene plays. When it finishes, quickly turn around, run to the left and jump to the small set of blocks near the wall. You'll have to hurry before the platform Lara is standing on collapses.

Once you've made it to this ledge, you can take your time. The remaining ledges are solid. Position Lara as shown in the screenshot above and take a running jump to the small, uneven ledge in the corner. You're aiming for the point indicated by the arrow, which juts out a bit farther than the rest of the ledge.

After landing on the corner ledge, go to the left. Watch out for the gap in the floor (indicated in the screenshot above). If you move quickly and stay near the wall, you can cross over it without falling. Or, jump over the gap but take care not to overshoot the ledge ahead. Then turn right and jump across another gap in the floor. After you've cleared the second gap, go forward toward the wall and then turn left and follow the balcony to the end.

There you'll see stairs leading up toward the entrance and the small, square ledge you were originally aiming for. This is located just below the exit. Now you can either take a running jump from the edge of the balcony to grab that ledge. OR, go up the stairs to the entrance.

From here you can drop onto that same ledge from above.

Then hang from the end of the broken walkway. Either method will trigger the final cut scene and end the level

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