Nepal - Shortcut from Ice Tunnel to Plane Wreck

IMPORTANT: If you take this shortcut, you'll miss the second silver reward, so use it at your discretion.

Just beyond the ice tunnel and CHECKPOINT 3, instead of jumping to the stone pillars on the right, step to the edge of the ledge overlooking the wreck. Position Lara on the jutting bit of snow facing a little to the right of the plane fuselage, as shown in the screenshot above. Draw guns and then jump forward off the ledge. (Without guns drawn, Lara can't do the correct jump and will fall and die.)

After somersaulting in the air. . .

. . . Lara falls slowly to the ground. . .

. . . landing near the bronze reward (2/9). Use the grapple to grab it and then roll under the dangling propeller to CHECKPOINT 4, which is where Lara would end up after taking the long route down.

Check out MMAN's YouTube video to see the technique in action.

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