Nepal - Climbing Down to the Crash Site
and Silver Reward #2

Just beyond the ice tunnel and CHECKPOINT 3, turn right and jump across the gap to grab the top of the stone pillar. Pull up.

Slide down the slope and jump at the very end to land on another slope perpendicular to the first. Slide almost to the end of this slope and jump once more to land on top of another pillar.

This pillar is solid and safe, so you can pause here if necessary. Turn left. The next pillar is ready to collapse. So take a running jump to land on it, then quickly run and jump to grab the horizontal bar jutting from the wreckage ahead.

From there, you can see a silver reward off to the left and a grapple point above. Swing around the bar, jump off and quickly press Jump again to grapple. Swing past the silver reward and jump onto the man-made ledge straight ahead.

To get the silver prayer wheel, turn around and shoot the ice wall ahead and to the right.

Grapple-swinging is difficult here due to the angle; the debris behind Lara prevents her from getting a long swing. So instead take a running jump to grab the edge of the opening. Pull up and grab the silver reward (2/6).

Then jump back across the gap.

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