Downloading & Installing Tomb Raider: Legend PC Savegame Files

This page pertains only to Legend. Please follow these links for Tomb Raiders 1-6, Anniversary, Underworld, TOMB RAIDER (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading files or following advice given on this site or any linked site. I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus program, backing up your existing files before installing new ones, and following the instructions below, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process.


Every time you pass a checkpoint or save your game in the Pause menu while playing Tomb Raider: Legend, a file is created containing all the information about your game so far—Lara's inventory, enemies killed, rewards found, etc. These savegame files are coded so that the game program can "read" them. When you reload an earlier save, your computer interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way it was at the most recent checkpoint.

Unlike the classic games, Legend only saves at checkpoints, so if you pass a checkpoint, play on for a little while and then save, the game will only "remember" up to the checkpoint.

Players using the PC version of the game can trade saves with other players just as we would share text files, pictures, or documents. The following explains how to download and install these files.


All the save files on this site come in .zip files. A .zip file (also called a .zip archive) is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using .zip archives lets me group savegame files together in one convenient "package," such as a group of saves for a given level. Also, since the data in .zip files is compressed, the files are smaller and download more quickly.


  1. Click any of the file links on my savegame download page. (There are also a few links to savegame files throughout the walkthrough.) Then click the download link(s).
  2. Most newer web browsers will then automatically download the linked file into your Downloads folder. (Some browsers will pop up a dialog box asking if you want to open or save the file. Choose save.)

    If you prefer, you can right-click the download link and choose 'Save as' or 'Save link as'. This will allow you to choose another location, such as the Desktop, a folder you have created for save files, etc. Browse to the location you want then click the 'Save' button to download the file.

If you're having trouble, Windows Help and your particular web browser's Help function can provide more info about downloading files from the web.


All but the last step should be done when the game is not running.

  1. Locate your existing Legend save files: Open 'Documents' or 'My Documents'

  2. Inside 'Documents' should be a folder called 'Eidos.' Double-click it to open it. Then double-click the 'Tomb Raider - Legend' folder within the 'Eidos' folder. Then double-click the 'Saved Games' folder.

    In the Steam version, the 'Tomb Raider - Legend' folder may be a subfolder of 'Documents'.

  3. Inside the 'Saved Games' folder you should find all your existing save files. (These have names like "01.23.45 - Location - 00%.dat", where the first set of numbers is the elapsed game time, the location is the game level (Bolivia, Peru, etc.), followed by the percentage of the game completed.)

  4. Leave the 'Saved Games' folder open and return to the .zip file you downloaded earlier.

  5. Newer versions of Windows should open .zip files automatically when you double-click on them. Do that now. If this doesn't happen, right-click the .zip file and choose 'Open with'. Then choose Windows Explorer or File Explorer. You can also use a stand-alone archive program like WinZip or WinRAR to open .zip files.

    Inside the .zip file, you will see one or more .dat files (the actual savegame files) and a plain text document with details about each save, so you can choose the ones you want.

  6. Select the .dat files you want from inside the .zip file. Then copy/paste or drag them from the .zip file into the 'Saved Games' folder you opened in steps 1-3. (Note that some of my files have been renamed with the corresponding checkpoints from my walkthrough, so they will look a little different from your own saves.)

  7. Close all open folders. Then start the game as usual. From Legend's Main Menu, select Load/Save, then Load Existing Saved Game, then choose the save you want from the list and press Enter. The new save should load and you can play on from there.


I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave while playing through the game. Instead be sure to save manually in a new slot at least once or twice each level. To do this, press Escape, choose 'Save' from the menu, select 'New saved game' and click 'OK'. Then, if you miss something or run into a bug, you can reload rather than having to replay the entire level. Or, worst-case scenario, if your autosave becomes corrupted and won't load, you won't have to restart the entire game.

If you have been saving your game as you play, you will already have some files in your 'Saved Games' folder. You can store any number of of files here; however, Legend only displays the first 50 save files within the game. When you've reached this limit, you'll see a message saying you must delete or overwrite existing saves in order to save again.

If you'd like to keep more than 50 save files, you may want to create a separate folder, either within the 'Saved Games' folder or elsewhere, and move some of your saves into it. Then, if you want to load them later, move them back into the 'Saved Games' folder, as described above.

I always back up my saved files in a cloud backup, thumb drive, or disk, just in case something goes wrong with my game or my computer. Then I can reinstall the game if necessary and restore my save files so I don't have to start over.

If your questions weren't answered on this page, or if you have suggestions for how to improve this savegame "walkthrough," please feel free to contact me.

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