Tomb Raider Legend Time Trials - Tips & Strategy

In order to unlock some of the bonus content in Tomb Raider: Legend, you must beat each completed level again in Time Trial mode.

How to Play a Time Trial: First load your most recent save file from the main menu. Then select Load/Save > Replay Level. Under difficulty level, choose Time Trial. The goal in Time Trial is to complete the level before the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out.

Can You Save During a Time Trial? No, you cannot save as you go along, although the game still saves automatically at each checkpoint and will reload at the last checkpoint if Lara dies.


Here are some time trial tips sent in by helpful raiders. Your suggestions are welcome.

Time Trial Cheat

This apparently works only on the Xbox and Xbox 360.

  1. Start any level in time trial.
  2. After just a few seconds of gameplay, quit the level.
  3. Choose the same level again and don't change any settings (difficulty, outfit, etc.); just press Continue. This should restart the level with no timer.
  4. Complete as much of the level as you can without Lara dying.
  5. Before finishing the level, deliberately kill Lara. When the game reloads, the timer will start at the point where you quit from the time trial. Now you have that much time left to finish.

If this doesn't work for you, see the UPDATE at the bottom of the page for more info.


There are a number of glitches in the game that will enable you to skip entire sections of levels, thus completing the time trials much more quickly. The list of such exploits is extensive, and new discoveries are constantly being added. So I encourage you to search them out on YouTube and the speedrunning site

If you prefer not to cheat and want to beat the time trials fair and square, read on....


My good friend Eldin has generously shared his time trial tips for each level in the game. I hope you'll find these mini-walkthroughs as helpful as I have.

Level 1: Bolivia
Level 2: Peru
Level 3: Japan
Level 4: Ghana

Level 5: Kazakhstan
Level 6: England
Level 7: Nepal
Level 8: Bolivia Redux

XBOX TIME TRIAL CHEAT - UPDATE: If your Xbox 360 is connected to Xbox Live (via the internet) then you are prompted to download an update for the game when you put the disc in for the first time. If you download this update it patches the game and the time trial glitch. People playing the game for the first time can avoid it by just unplugging their internet while playing. (Everything works fine without it, achievements and all.)

If you have already downloaded the update, you have to clear your cache to remove it. Instructions for doing this can be found at If you have other games which have been updated, you will need to reinstall those. So do this at your own risk. (Thanks to Kendall for this useful information.)

There are a few bugs in the original Xbox 360 version of Legend, which may or may not be fixed by this update. For example, the lock-up in the serpent area in England. So you may want to play through the game with the updated version and then clear your cache, as described above, just for the time trials.