Downloading & Installing TR Underworld Savegame Files for Macintosh

This page pertains only to Tomb Raider: Underworld for Macintosh computers. For the Windows PC version, please see here. For other Tomb Raider games, see here. is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading files or following advice given on this site or any linked site. I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus program, backing up your existing files before installing new ones, and following the instructions below, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process.


Every time you pass a checkpoint or save your game in the Pause menu while playing Tomb Raider: Underworld, a file is created containing all the information about your game so far—Lara's inventory, enemies killed, switches used, etc. These savegame files are coded so that the game program can "read" them. When you reload an earlier save, your computer interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way it was at the most recent checkpoint.

Players using the Macintosh version of the game can trade saves with other players just as we would share text files, pictures or other documents—by saving the files on a disk, sending them as email attachments or placing them on a web server to be downloaded.


All the Macintosh Underworld save files on this site come in .zip files. A .zip file (also called a .zip archive) is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using .zip archives lets me group savegame files, such as all checkpoints in a level, together in one convenient "package,". Also, since the data in .zip files is compressed, the files are smaller and download more quickly.


They should. My Underworld save files were made using the Windows PC version of the game, but as far as I know, they are compatible with the Mac version.

Please understand that I do not own the Mac game and am not familiar with all the workings of Mac systems. So I cannot guarantee my files will work for you, but several players have reported that they do. I recommend backing up your existing saves first, in case anything goes wrong and you have to reload a save from your original game.


  1. Click any of the file links on the savegame download page.

  2. Now locate the file you have just downloaded in the Finder.


All but the last step should be done when the Tomb Raider game is not running.

  1. Locate your existing Underworld save files: To do this, first open your 'Library' directory.

    (NOTE: If you don't immediately see the Library folder, it's probably hidden. To find it, open Finder, select Go -> Go To Folder and type ~/Library/. This should show the Library folder, and you can continue with the rest of the steps. This article describes a few other ways for accessing the Library folder.)

  2. Within the 'Library' folder, open 'Application Support' > 'Feral Interactive' > 'Tomb Raider Underworld' > 'SaveGames'. (Each of these folders is within the previous folder.)

  3. Within the SaveGames folder you should see several files: autosave.TRUSave, and any other TRUSave files you have made while playing.

  4. Leave this folder open and return to the .zip file you downloaded.

  5. Mac OS X opens .zip files automatically when you double-click them. Do that now. Inside the newly created folder, you will see one or more .TRUSave files.

  6. Select the .TRUSave files you want from inside the .zip file. Then copy and paste them into the SaveGame folder you opened in steps 1-3. (Note that most of my savegame downloads include a readme.txt file describing where each save was made in the game.)

  7. Close all open folders. Then start the game as usual. From Underworld's Main Menu, select Load Game, then choose the save you want from the radial menu and press Enter. The new save should load and you can play on from there.


I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave while playing through the game. Instead be sure to save manually in a new slot at least once or twice each level. To do this, press Escape, choose 'Save Game' from the radial menu, enter a name for the current save and then click 'OK'. Then, if you miss something or run into a bug, you can reload rather than having to replay the entire level. Or, worst-case scenario, if your autosave becomes corrupted and won't load, you won't have to restart the entire game.

If you have been saving your game as you play—which hopefully you have been—you will already have some files in your Saved Games folder. You can store any number of files here; however, Underworld only displays the first 32 save files within the game.

Once you've reached the maximum of 32 files, you may want to create a separate folder, either within the 'Tomb Raider - Underworld' folder or elsewhere, and move or copy some of your save files into it. Then, if you want to load them later, move them back into the 'Tomb Raider - Underworld' folder, as described above.

I always back up my save files on a memory stick or disk, just in case something goes wrong with my game or my computer. Then, if necessary, I can reinstall the game and restore my save files so I don't have to start the game over.

If your questions weren't answered on this page, or if you have suggestions for how to improve this savegame "walkthrough," please feel free to contact me.

Thanks to Catherine and Michael for help with Mac logistics. Any errors or omissions are entirely my fault.

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