Downloading & Installing Tomb Raider: Underworld Wii Save Files

This page pertains only to the Nintendo Wii version of Tomb Raider: Underworld. For the Windows PC version, please see here. For PS3, see here. For other Tomb Raider games, see here. is not responsible for anything that happens to your console as a result of downloading files or following advice given on this site or any linked site. I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus program, backing up your existing files before installing new ones, and following the instructions below, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process.


Every time you pass a checkpoint or save your game in the Pause menu while playing Tomb Raider: Underworld, a file is created in the Wii System Memory containing all the information about your game so far—Lara's inventory, enemies killed, puzzles solved, treasures found, etc. These save files are coded so that the console can "read" them. When you reload an earlier save, the Wii interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way they were at the most recent checkpoint.

The Wii System Memory allows you to save in four separate slots. The information for all four Underworld save slots are stored in the Wii System Memory in a single data file. The instructions below explain how to find and transfer such files between a computer and Wii console using a memory card.

NOTE: The current autosave checkpoint is also stored in the Wii System Memory but is not included when you transfer your data file to a memory card.

I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave while playing through the game. Instead be sure to save manually in a new slot at least once or twice each level. To do this, press the 2 button on the Wii remote, select 'Save', then scroll down to the save slot you want to use and press A. Then highlight the 'OK' option and press A again to save. Then if something goes wrong—for example, you encounter a bug or your autosave becomes corrupted—you'll have a choice of saves to reload.

I have compiled a collection of Wii save files for all levels in Underworld, in case you run into such a problem. They can also be useful if you find a certain section too hard, missed a treasure somewhere along the line, or just want to skip to a different level for any reason.


All the save files on this site come in .zip files. A .zip file (also called a .zip archive) is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using .zip archives lets me group savegame files together in one convenient "package," such as a group of saves for a given level. Also, since the data in .zip files is compressed, the files are smaller and download more quickly.


The first thing you'll need is an SD card, or secure digital memory card. This is a small card that fits into the slot behind the little white door on the front of the Wii console (shown here). SD cards are also used by other devices such as digital cameras and PDAs. You may already own one if you have one of these devices.

If you don't already own an SD card, you can buy one fairly cheaply from electronics, camera or office supply stores, or online from places like Amazon (paid link), Newegg, etc. Wii save files are small (only about 2 MB each) so unless you're going to use the card for something else as well (e.g., storing photos) you won't need a high-capacity card. Unless you have downloaded the Wii Menu 4.0 update, the console won't even recognize SD cards larger than 2 GB.

You'll also need a way to transfer the info on the SD card to and from your PC. Many newer computers have built-in SD card slots (like the one shown here). If your computer doesn't have an SD card slot, you can buy an SD card adapter that fits into a USB port. These are also fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at electronics and office supply stores or online.

The step-by-step instructions below explain how to do the transfer once you have what you need.


Wii consoles use two different types of encoding: NTSC and PAL. I have save files for both formats on my download page. Since the two formats are not compatible, you will need to choose the format that matches your system. Generally format is tied to geographical region. If you're not sure which regional format you have, check the country lists on the Wikipedia NTSC and PAL pages: and


  1. Click any of the file links on the savegame download page. (There are also a few links to savegame files throughout the walkthroughs, such as spots where common bugs may occur.)

  2. A dialog box will pop up asking if you want to Open or Save the file, or Cancel the download. Choose the 'Save' option.

  3. Another dialog box will pop up asking where on your computer you would like to save the downloaded file. It doesn't matter where you save it, but I'd recommend using a location that's easy to remember so you can find the file after it has downloaded. (I like to download onto the Windows Desktop.) Choose the location you want and click the 'Save' button to start downloading the file.

  4. A new box will pop up showing the progress of the download. You may need to click a button to close the box when the download is complete.


  1. Insert the SD card into the Wii.

  2. Select the Wii icon in the lower left corner of the Wii Menu.

  3. Select 'Data Management' > 'Save Data' > 'Wii'. Then select the Underworld icon.

  4. Select 'Copy'. Then select 'Yes (Copy to the SD Card?)'.

  5. This will create the following directory/folder structure and file on the SD card:


    NOTE: Each Wii game has a different 4-digit code here. For the NTSC version of Underworld, #### is RH8E. For the PAL version, it's RH8P.

  6. Remove the SD card and insert it into a PC. Windows should browse to the SD card automatically, but if that doesn't happen, double-click My Computer, then the icon for the SD card. Continue double-clicking to open each folder (private > wii > title > ####) until you locate the data.bin file.

  7. Here I strongly recommend backing up your own Wii saves by copying the data.bin file from the SD card into a new folder or onto your computer's desktop. Then if something goes wrong and my saves don't work for you, you'll be able to transfer your original saves back to the Wii.

  8. Double-click the .zip file you downloaded from the web site to open it. Then drag or copy/paste the data.bin file from the .zip file to the SD card. (Windows will ask if you want to replace the existing data.bin file. Choose 'Yes'.)

  9. Eject the SD card from the PC and insert it back into the Wii. Again, select 'Data Management' > 'Save Data' > 'Wii'. Then select the Underworld icon.

  10. Select 'Erase'. Then Select 'Yes (Erase?)'. This will remove the existing Underworld save data from the Wii memory.

  11. Select the SD Card tab at the top of the screen. Then select the Underworld icon. Select 'Copy'. Then select 'Yes (Copy to the Wii System Memory?)'. This will copy the Wii data from the SD card to the Wii.

  12. Select 'Back' repeatedly to return to the Wii menu.

  13. Start the game as usual. When you choose 'Play Game' from the main menu, then 'Load Game', the downloaded saves will be available.

If your questions weren't answered on this page, or if you have suggestions for how to improve this savegame "walkthrough," please feel free to contact me.

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