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Secrets:Pickups: 69, including grenade launcher, circuit board, 3 keycards and 3 secrets  Kills: 62

NOTE: Starting inventory for the demo version of this level is 1 small and 1 large medi pack, 2 flares, loaded shotgun and pistols (unlimited ammo). In the demo, or if you missed them in the first level of the full expansion pack, regular pickups in this level will include the M16 ASSAULT RIFLE, AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and UZIS.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Fool's Gold Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

FLOODED TUNNEL AND ROOM WITH STAIRS AND THREE DOORS: Drop into the water-filled hole in the floor. Swim forward through the wide tunnel and up the next square shaft to another opening where you can surface. Pull up out of the opening on the right side, where the edge is lower. When you do, the three small, square doors at ground level open—one on Lara's left and two ahead on the left and right. A sniper with a shotgun (1) also appears in the opening above on the left. Side flip to the left to get under him so he can't shoot you. Then take out the Doberman (2) that emerges from one of the small, square doorways ahead. Sometimes it enters on the left, sometimes on the right.

After a few moments, the first enemy comes down the steps, and another thug with a shotgun (3) appears in the square doorway straight ahead. When you've taken care of them, retrieve 2 boxes of shotgun shells (1-2) from their bodies, plus a large medi pack (3) in the small room below the sniper's ledge.

Start up the steps where the sniper came down. A guy with a club (4) appears at the top and comes down toward you. Back away shooting until he falls. (screenshots)

Face the two small doors opposite the water-filled opening where you entered and go through the one on the left into a room with a pool. The door closes behind you. Turn right, move forward a few steps and shoot another Doberman (5) that charges toward you. Jump across the pool to the ledge next to the yellow tank and pick up some flares (4).

ROOM WITH POOL AND STAIRS: Now head up the stairs. At the top, turn right, then right again. Approach the edge of the opening in the floor above the pool. Go around the left side of the opening, save the game and then approach the 2 boxes of shotgun shells (5-6) lying on the floor near the window. Two guys carrying flamethrowers (6-7) enter the room below and start up the stairs. If you're quick, you can roll, move a little closer to the edge and quickly shoot both men from above. If Lara does catch fire, either reload or jump into the pool. Alternatively, you can back into the corner to the right of the window and shoot the flamethrower guys as they approach. One of them drops a small medi pack (7). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you're repeatedly getting toasted, try this instead. Make sure both doors between the pool room and the previous room are closed. If you approach them, they should close automatically. Then climb the stairs to the upper level, shoot out the window near the shotgun shells, grab the ammo, and then jump down into the room where you started. The 2 enemies with flamethrowers will then appear inside the pool room and be trapped there. Run to the far wall, roll and stand with Lara's back against the wall. If you stay close to the wall, you can then shoot the bad guys through the windows without taking fire damage. Just be sure not to step on the square in front of the water-filled opening until both enemies are dead, since this will re-open the doors. (screenshots)

On the wall in the room above the pool, there's a switch. (screenshot) Pull it to open a metal door elsewhere. If you didn't kill the guy with the club (4) earlier, he will enter the pool room on the lower level when you pull this switch. Wait for him to approach and then shoot him from above.

Take a running jump across the hole in the floor above the pool to grab the edge of the hallway directly opposite the switch. Pull up. Straight ahead is another metal door that is not yet open. Run toward it then turn left and follow the hallway to the end. On the right is the door you just opened. Ignore it for now. Instead turn left again and approach the opening above the room where you started. Pull the switch to open the metal door you passed a moment ago. Return along the hallway the way you came to reach it.

SMALL ROOM WITH WOODEN CRATES: Inside is a room with a low ceiling and numerous wooden crates. Directly in front of you is a movable crate. Pull it 4 times to get it out into the hallway. Turn left, go down the stairs, and climb into the raised opening on the right. Go forward and right again to get back to the room with the crates. Inside, pick up 3 sets of M16 clips (8-10), one on the left and two that were revealed after moving the first crate. Pull the second crate once to the right to reveal SECRET #1, the gold coins (11). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't yet have the M16 ASSAULT RIFLE, you'll get it here instead of one of the ammo pickups.

WINDOWED ROOM WITH MERCENARIES AND SWITCH: Exit to the right and follow the hallway to the end. Turn right and go through the door you opened with the first switch. Climb over the metal ledge and continue forward to a windowed room with 2 bad guys (8-9) pacing around inside. If you walk along the ledge near the windows, you'll hear the door open, and one of the mercenaries will come out. You can kill him as he approaches. Then take his small medi pack (12). Continue forward and around the corner to the left, then left again. You'll end up on the other side of the windowed room, facing a low metal ledge with a small door just to the right of it. Vault over the metal ledge and enter the room to take on the second mercenary. When he's dead, relieve him of 2 boxes of shotgun shells (13-14).

Inside, at the far end of the room, is another switch. Use it to open the door you just passed. Exit the windowed room, vault over the metal ledge, turn left and go through the door you just opened.

NOTE: On the way out, notice the dead-end hallway ahead with the carved portraits of Joseph Stalin. (screenshot) You'll return here later for a secret.

OPEN AREA WITH VARIOUS SMALL BUILDINGS: As you emerge into this open area, turn left, go around the metal block and approach the shorter block with the shotgun shells (15) on it. This triggers the appearance of 2 snipers (10-11) on the rooftops. Take them out before exploring any further. (screenshot)

Continue forward to the alley on the left. Hop up onto the block with the M16 clips (16) and you'll be able to kill the Doberman (12) that charges from the alley without getting bitten. You'll also find a box of flares (17) in the snow at the back of the alley. (screenshot)

Come back out to the main area and head to the left. Inside the cave there's another dog (13) and some more M16 clips (18). The ramp there is too steep to climb, and the double doors don't open yet. So return to the open area.

ROOFTOPS AND CIRCUIT BOARD: Use the wooden block under the hammer and sickle/CCCP sign to climb onto the roof. (screenshot) A goon with a club (14) pops out from behind the roof peak and 2 crows (15-16) fly in from behind. Take care of the man first then the birds. Then grab the goon's shotgun shells (19).

Face the end of the open area where you came in. (There's a huge fan high on the wall there.) Climb to the top of the snowy roof and turn left so the big fan is on Lara's right. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the wide opening on the other side of the gap and pull up. Immediately draw weapons and shoot the shotgun-wielding bad guy (17) who emerges from the doorway on the right. Take his small medi pack (20) and enter the passageway where he came from. Use the switch to open the nearby door. Step inside with shotgun drawn. Take out the Doberman (18) that charges from the right and pick up the CIRCUIT BOARD (21). (screenshots)

Exit to the left and continue forward along the snowy rooftops. Retrieve 3 boxes of shotgun shells (22-24)—one from each of the snipers you took out earlier and one lying on the ground about halfway along on the right. (screenshot)

Continue following the rooftops to the far end. Turn left and go past the wide doorway with the two hammer and sickle symbols above. (screenshot) When you approach the next doorway, another enemy with a club (19) emerges. Kill him and pick up his small medi pack (25).

NOTE: There's no need to enter the room where this enemy came from, but if you just want to check it out, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the gold bars behind some barred windows. You'll get them later from the other side. There are also two ramps leading back down to the lower level. If you slide down the first ramp, you'll find yourself in the cave at the end of the open area. The other ramp leads back to the hallway near the WINDOWED ROOM WITH THE SWITCH where you were earlier. In either case, return to the open area and climb back onto the rooftops to continue.

Enter the room below the two hammer and sickle symbols. (screenshot) Place the CIRCUIT BOARD in the electrical panel to open the door.

DARK ROOM WITH CRATES AND RAMPS: Enter the dark room and immediately climb onto the block ahead and a little to the left to await the arrival of an armed snowmobiler (20) who approaches from the back of the room. If you need light, there's a box of flares (26) on the block just inside on the right. You can stand on that block instead as you fight the snowmobiler, but the one on the left gives you a better view of the door. The snowmobiler can't run over Lara when she's standing on either block, but he can still shoot. So take him out quickly. The M16 works well here. There are also 2 rats (21-22) scampering around on the floor. Either kill the rats right off, or get a lock on the snowmobiler and keep holding the Action key so Lara won't target the rats. Then deal with them later. (screenshots)

After taking care of the snowmobiler. Scour the room for goodies. Watch out for a third rat (23) as you go. Along with the flares (26) on the box near the entrance, there are M16 clips (27) in the near right corner (relative to the entrance), Uzi clips (28) behind the wooden ramp in the far right corner, plus a large medi pack and CARDKEY 1 (29-30), which has a yellow star on it, sitting on some crates near the far left corner. (The previous set of screenshots shows these pickups.)

When you take the keycard, a bad guy with a club (24) appears down below near the door with the YELLOW STAR LOCK. If you wait inside this room, he'll come to you. Kill him and take his small medi pack (31).

OPEN AREA WITH VARIOUS SMALL BUILDINGS (again): Exit the dark room the way you came in. As you step outside, the double doors in the cave below open and 2 more snowmobilers (25-26) come out to play. One comes out of the dark room where you just were; the other circles around down at ground level. Outside, turn right and run along the wooden ledge and over the roof to the near right corner. Climb onto the rusty, metal column with the concentric circles stamped into it. Dispatch the first snowmobiler from here. Then move to the edge of the roof to shoot the second one down below. (screenshots)

NOTE: Alternatively, you can take the snowmobile the first rider left behind and have yourself a lovely shoot-'em-up. Or, you can go back through the dark room and down the ramp, as described in the paragraph below, climb onto the metal ledge and kill one of the snowmobilers as he drives past. Later, when you exit this area on your way back to the door with the YELLOW STAR LOCK, the other snowmobiler will appear.

RAMP DOWN FROM DARK ROOM: Re-enter the DARK ROOM WITH MANY CRATES and follow the right wall toward the back. Just before the back right corner, near the base of one of the wooden ramps, there's a movable box. (screenshot) Move it aside to find some flares (32) underneath and an opening behind it. Go through and follow the ramp down to a metal ledge. Climb onto it and take out the guy with the shotgun (27) behind the windows on the other side of the pool. (screenshot)

POOL BELOW RAMP: Dive into the pool. Surface and climb out of the water on the small ledge. A man with a flamethrower (28) approaches along the dark hallway. Kill him before he gets close enough to toast Lara. (screenshot) Grab the small medi pack (33) he drops and some flares (34) in the room at the end of the hall.

Return to the pool and take a running jump to grab the climbable wall on the far side of the water. Climb to the room above. (If you didn't kill the guy with the shotgun (27) earlier, you'll have to deal with him now.) Pull the movable crate once. Go behind it and pick up the grenade (35) that was hidden underneath. When you do, a door opens on the other side of the room. Go inside and get another grenade (36). When you pick up this one, a second door opens behind the crate, giving you access to the GRENADE LAUNCHER (37). (screenshots)

UNDERWATER PASSAGE: Dive back into the pool, find the lever on the central column, and pull it to shut off the propeller. Swim past the propeller and turn right into a narrow underwater passage. Swim forward then turn right again. At the next intersection, turn left and swim up the slope, picking up 2 sets of automatic pistol clips (38-39) from the bottom. When you come to the surface, you'll be facing the exit, a door with Stalin's face on it, which opens automatically as you approach. Before climbing through, turn around and swim along the surface to the rusty ledge straight ahead. Climb out of the water, shoot a rat (29), and claim 2 more sets of automatic pistol clips (40-41). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you don't have them yet, you'll get the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and one set of clips instead.

Swim back over to the Stalin door, climb into it, and hop down into the cave below. To get back to the OPEN AREA WITH VARIOUS SMALL BUILDINGS, turn left and head up the slope. At the top, turn right and go through the open double doors where the snowmobilers came out earlier. Beyond the double doors, turn left to emerge in the open. Cross the open area to the door with the YELLOW STAR LOCK beneath the huge fan.

NOTE: If you didn't kill the third snowmobiler earlier, watch out for him now. The tall block straight ahead is a good safe spot to stand while you shoot him. (This screenshot shows this block just in front and to the left of Lara.)

DOOR WITH YELLOW STAR LOCK: Use CARDKEY 1 in the YELLOW STAR LOCK to open the door. (screenshot) As you enter the small room, the secret chime sounds, and the camera shows the hallway with the carved Stalin faces that you passed earlier.

BACKTRACK FOR SECRET #2: Turn around to face away from the door you just opened. Hop down from the ledge and go through the doorway on the left. Turn left again and continue straight ahead to the dead-end hallway with the carved Stalin faces. Only now it's not a dead end. Turn right and enter a rusty passageway. Follow it to the end, turn right, and climb onto the wide, rusty ledge. Pull the switch on the right wall to open the small door at the top of the slope. Immediately ready weapons and shoot the 3 Dobermans (30-32) that charge out. Beyond this door is an open area with SECRET #2, the gold bars (42). (screenshots)

NOTE: If you step forward to the edge and look over, you'll see the area where you first swam into this compound.

Return the way you came: through the small door and down the rusty slope, left into the rusty hallway, then the hall with the carved faces, left into the hall near the WINDOWED ROOM, through the door on the right to get back outside, then right again into the room you unlocked with the first keycard.

DOOR WITH RED STAR LOCK: Inside the room beyond the YELLOW STAR LOCK pick up another CARDKEY 1 with a yellow star (43). When you do this, a goon with a club (33) vaults over the doorway in front of you. Kill him and take his small medi pack (44). Climb into the room from which he came. There is a RED STAR LOCK here, as well as a switch. Your yellow-star card doesn't work here. To get a card that does, pull the switch, turn around, climb back into the doorway and shoot the thug with the shotgun (34) who appears below. He drops CARDKEY 2 with a red star (45).

Climb back into the room with the RED STAR LOCK and use CARDKEY 2 to open the door, revealing a short passageway with another door. Pull the switch again to open the outer door. Then hurry through before it closes. (screenshot)

SNOWY AREA WITH IRON SUPPORT BEAMS AND WOODEN CRATES: After the door closes behind you, step forward, turn left and enter the open, rocky area. Two nasty guys with clubs (35-36) approach, one from the right and one from the left. Take care of them.

Climb the snowy rocks in the far left corner. At the top, turn right and walk along the ledge toward the rusted metal support beam. When you reach the highest block, step to the edge and take a standing jump down to the beam, where you'll find some flares (46). Ready a decent weapon, then cross the beam to the central structure, turn right, and shoot the 2 thugs with shotguns (37-38) who emerge from behind the wooden crates. (screenshots)

When you've dealt with them, find the 3 movable crates near the back. They're arranged in an L shape along with a fourth stationary crate. Grab the second crate in the group (i.e. the first movable one, next to the crate that doesn't move) and pull it once away from the edge. Climb over it and drop down into the space you just made. Turn left and push the next crate to reveal a grenade and 2 sets of Uzi clips (47-49) underneath. Climb back on top of the crates but don't hop down yet or you'll be cornered by 2 vicious dogs (39-40). Shoot them from above. Then hop down and continue on your way. There's nothing under the third crate. (screenshots)

There's a large medi pack (50) on top of another wooden crate near the opposite corner of the central structure. Climb on top of the crate, but don't take the medi pack yet. Instead, ready weapons and look over the edge on the right. There's a thug with a shotgun (41) down below. (You may have noticed him earlier through the window of the room with the RED STAR LOCK.) You can take him out from above using pistols. If he starts shooting back, just hop carefully down off the crate and take cover momentarily. (screenshots)

When you do pick up the large medi pack, another bad guy with a club (42) comes out of the building below and makes his way up the rocks and across the metal structure. If you start shooting as soon as you get a lock on him, you can easily kill him with pistols before he reaches you. He drops a small medi pack (51). (screenshot)

Return to the edge next to the crate where you found the large medi pack. Turn around and safety drop onto the rusty block below. (screenshot) The thug you shot earlier isn't carrying any goodies, but there are 2 sets of Uzi clips (52-53) near the window near where he fell. Grab them and return to the rusty block where you dropped down.

NOTE: If you didn't get them earlier, you'll receive the UZIS here instead of one set of clips.

From the outer corner of the rusty block, take a standing jump down to the tall, rusty block ahead. When Lara lands there, another goon with a club and his bird sidekick (43-44) come out of the building to attack. Get a pistol lock on the goon and take him out first. Then deal with the crow. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you don't care about getting all the kills, you can avoid the man and bird by dropping down onto the snow instead of landing on top of the tall, rusty block.

There are clips for the automatics (54) on the rusty pillar off to the right. Cross the snow and walk up the slope in front of the pillar. Stand close to it and sidestep to the right as far as you can. Then press Action + Up (don't press Jump) to pull up onto the block and retrieve the ammo. When you're ready to go, drop down and climb up to the door of the second building. (screenshots)

BUILDING WITH FLAMETHROWERS: Do not rush in. Instead, enter carefully with pistols drawn. This main room is safe but for 4 rats (45-48) ; however, there are 2 men with flamethrowers (49-50) in the next room. The metal bars across the doorways keep them contained but will not stop the flames from reaching you. Step inside just far enough to trigger the appearance of the first rat ahead on the right. Shoot it. One of the flamethrower guys may then move past the bars in front of you. If he does, stay well back as you shoot him through the bars. The flames can reach as far as the thick cement column on the right, so only the first two square floor tiles are safe. (screenshots)

Climb onto the rusted metal ledge on the left. Do not hop down on the other side yet; the whole area is rigged with lethal rolling barrels. As long as you stay on the half of the ledge nearer the entrance, you're safe. From here, you can shoot a second rat scurrying around on the floor below. Then wait for the flamethrowers to pass behind the bars and finish them off. (Again, see the screenshots if necessary.)

When you've killed both flamethrowers, move to the end of the rusty ledge farthest from the entrance and face out into the larger part of the room. In order to safely trigger the rolling barrels, hop down off the ledge and run diagonally across room to the angled stone block in the opening ahead on the left. When all 4 pairs of barrels have rolled past, move back into the room and finish off the last 2 rats. (screenshots)

Go to the top of the dark slope where the barrels came from. Drop down into the depression on the left. Use your remaining KEYCARD in the YELLOW STAR LOCK to open the nearby trapdoor and the big double doors in the barrel area. (screenshots)

Turn around and drop into the water below the trapdoor. Swim to the right along a flooded passageway. When you emerge into a larger flooded room, turn right. In the alcoves along the right side of the room, you'll find flares, a small medi pack and 2 sets of Uzi clips (55-58). There's also an opening in the ceiling where you can surface and breathe. When you have all the goodies, climb out at the far end of the opening (i.e., the end nearest the second set of Uzi clips). Just ahead is a smaller water-filled opening in the floor. Drop in here and collect a pair of grenades and a large medi pack (59-60).

Climb back out of the water through the same little opening. Face the longer pool and move forward along the right side of it. As you approach the doorway, a third guy carrying a flamethrower (51) appears in the room on the left, near the rusty barrels, and comes toward you. If you pull out the Uzis or M16 and back into the smaller doorway on the right, you can see him coming and shoot him before he reaches you. If he does manage to sets Lara on fire, hop into the pool. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the KEYCARD in the YELLOW LOCK and then climb back out of the pit. Head down the slope and left through the doors you just opened. Run into the smaller doorway straight ahead, roll, and shoot the third flamethrower guy as he approaches. Then drop into the pools to retrieve the goodies described above. (screenshots) This is a little less direct, but you don't have to worry about accidentally triggering the flamethrower guy as you explore.

When you're ready to move on, go through the small doorway in the room with the pools. Climb onto the ledge just inside on the right. (screenshot) Then either climb onto the walkway above and kill the guy with the shotgun, (52) or stand on the lower ledge, back into the corner near the entrance, and jump up and down while shooting until the bad guy falls. (screenshot) Then climb onto the walkway and pick up 2 sets of M16 clips (61-62) in the alcove.

Move to the opposite end of the walkway and drop down into the passageway below. There's another guy with a shotgun behind a barred doorway to one side. You can't shoot each other yet. So head off in the opposite direction into the dark room ahead.

SKELETON CAVE: Inside, turn right and follow the metal walkway that looks like a ladder or train tracks. Walk down the slope and stop at the edge overlooking the cavern below. Take a running jump to grab the square stone block straight ahead, just above and to the left of the bridge with the skeleton on it. Pull up. If you like, you can turn around and shoot the guy you saw through the window earlier. You'll need to use the M16 since he's out of range otherwise. If you'd prefer to conserve M16 ammo, wait and you'll soon have another chance at him. (screenshots)

Turn so the walkway with the skeleton is on Lara's right. Ahead and below on the left is a shallow pit containing SECRET #3, the gold skull (63). Carefully climb down, grab it and climb back onto the tall block above the bridge. (screenshots)

Now turn so Lara's back is toward the bridge with the skeleton. Drop and hang off the edge of the block, but don't let go and drop down. Instead immediately pull up and ready weapons. Dangling above the bridge works just as well as stepping on it to trigger the appearance of 2 baddies with clubs (53-54). You can then shoot them as they approach. Try to take them out before they actually climb up onto the block where Lara is standing, since they can knock her off the edge. When they're dead, drop down onto the bridge and move to the other end. If you didn't already kill the guy with the shotgun (55) on the high ledge do that now. (screenshots)

Jump to grab the stone block to the right of the end of the bridge. Or take a running jump to the flat ledge below and to the right of that block. Then climb onto the block. Shoot 2 meddling crows (56-57) that fly out of the darkness.

NOTE: If you don't care about getting all the kills, just avoid this block and the crows won't appear.

Climb up to the cave where guy with the shotgun was and pick up automatic pistol clips and a small medi pack (64-65) on the ground at the back of the cave. (screenshots)

Return to the edge overlooking the cave and climb back down the blocks along the right wall. When you come to the higher block above the bridge with the skeleton, hop from there down to the bridge. (Or, if you're avoiding that block so you don't trigger the crows, take a running jump from the flat ledge below it to land on the bridge.) Take a standing jump from the bridge to grab the ridged metal wall below the icy section. Climb down to the bottom, but do not drop onto the slope below. If you do, Lara will slide down, and you'll miss the next pickup. Instead climb to the left or right as far as you can. Then drop onto one of the flat ledges beside the ramp. Turn around, run back toward the skeleton, take the large medi pack (66), and kill 5 rats (58-62). Two rats come out as you approach; 3 more emerge when you take the medi pack. (screenshots)

Now move to the edge of the slope. Turn around, slide backwards down the long slope, grab the edge and drop into the room below. Lara will slide back a bit farther before coming to a stop on flat ground. Turn around and head to the left side of the cave. You'll find 3 boxes of shotgun shells (67-69) behind a low wall. Grab them and vault back over the low wall. Head around the corner to the left. (screenshots)

Save the game, since you'll need to make a tricky jump at the beginning of the next level and may want to reload if you miss. Then follow the tunnel beyond the skeleton to finish this level.

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