Downloading & Installing Macintosh Savegame Files

IMPORTANT: This page pertains to Mac save files for the CLASSIC Tomb Raider games 1 through 6 only. Savegame files for Tomb Raider: Anniversary work slightly differently. For detailed instructions, please see the Macintosh Anniversary Save Files page.

The basics for Macintosh save files are pretty much the same as for Windows PC saves (detailed on the main savegame help page). However, on the Mac, the savegame files are kept in a separate folder called "Save" in the same folder as the Tomb Raider game in question. Also, when they are packaged for downloading, it's usually in a .sit, .hqx or .bin file, rather than a .zip file, as PC saves are. A brief Q&A and installation instructions follow.

Can Mac users install savegames made on a PC running Windows?

Generally, no. Unfortunately, Mac savegame files and Windows savegame files are mutually incompatible. This site has a selection of Mac as well as PC savegames for each game. (Start here for downloads.) For additonal Mac saves, visit Sailmaker Software and MacRaider.

The exception is the Macintosh version of Tomb Raider; Anniversary

What are .sit files?

A .sit file (also called a StuffIt archive) is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using StuffIt archives lets users group savegame files together in one convenient "package," such as a group of saves for a given game level. Also, since the data in .sit files is compressed, the files are smaller and download more quickly.

The easiest way to unpack the contents of a .sit file is to drop it onto a free application called StuffIt Expander, which is included with recent versions of the Mac OS. If you don't already have it, you can get a free trial version of StuffIt Expander from

How do .sit files differ from .zip files?

Both .sit and .zip are compression formats and both can contain an entire folder hierarchy. However only .sit also preserves additional data that certain Mac files need.

What are .bin files?

A .bin file (also called a MacBinary file) is a way of packaging a single Macintosh file in such a way that it can be stored on other types of computer. This is only necessary for certain kinds of files. In particular, .sit files don't need this treatment, because all that data is already encoded within the StuffIt file.

As a rule, your Mac handles MacBinary behind the scenes and you don't need to worry about it. If you do happen to download a .bin file, just drop it onto StuffIt Expander, which will decode it for you.

What are .hqx files?

An .hqx file (also called a BinHex file) is a relic from the days before Internet connections were "8-bit clean". Like MacBinary, it packages a single Macintosh file, preserving all necessary parts of the file so they aren't corrupted during the upload/download process. Consequently, the file grows in size somewhat.

Again, if you get an .hqx file, just drop it onto StuffIt Expander.

OK, I've downloaded and expanded an archive of Mac savegame files. How do I install them?

  1. Quit Tomb Raider if it is running.

  2. In the Finder, locate the relevant TombRaider program.

  3. Now, backup the "Save" folder that is in the same folder as the TombRaider program you found in step 2. Either copy it to another location or compress it using a utility such as "DropStuff". (Then, if you want to restore your original saves later on, you will know where to find them.)

  4. Open the "Save" folder and drag all its contents to the Trash.

  5. Move the savegame files you downloaded into the "Save" folder. (If your download was itself a "Save" folder, you need to open that and move the individual savegame files into your existing "Save" folder.)

  6. That's it. Now, run the game and the downloaded saves should be on your "Load Game" screen. (To revert to your own savegames, simply restore the backup you made in step 3.)

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