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This section includes Windows and Macintosh save files for all the major games in the Tomb Raider series, plus PlayStation, PSP and Nintendo Wii saves where available. Before downloading, please be sure to read the important warning below and check that the save files you're getting are compatible with the version of the game you have. Details about compatibility appear on the individual pages for each game.

Please Read Before Downloading

IMPORTANT: If you aren't sure how to download and use savegame files, please check out the instructions/FAQ page before emailing. If you still have questions, I'll be glad to help, but the basics are covered there. Also, please be sure to read the file compatibility notes preceding the each set of download links. Some of my files may not work for you. is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to downloading these files or following advice given here. All of my files are guaranteed to be safe and malware-free. Still, I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus/spyware program, backing up your original files and, if you're unfamiliar with the process, following the installation instructions step by step. If you do, you shouldn't have any trouble.

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What Are Save Files?

A save file (also known as a savegame, game save or savefile) is a digital record of a player's progress in an electronic game. These files are typically stored on a hard drive or memory card. Save files allow the player to quit the game and continue later where he or she left off.

In Tomb Raider, every time you save your game, a file is created containing information about your progress so far—Lara's location, health status, inventory, items found and used, enemies killed, etc. When you reload a game you have previously saved, your computer or console interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way they were when you saved.

Computer users can manipulate these files outside of game play using savegame editors. We can also trade saves with other players just as we would share text files, pictures or other documents—by saving the files on a disk, sending them as email attachments or placing them on a web server to be downloaded, as I have here.

Save files can be useful if you get stuck in a game, accidentally make a bad save (such as when Lara is about to die), encounter a bug or glitch that prevents you from progressing, or just want to skip to a particular section or level.

Note that some consoles—including Xbox 360 and to a lesser extent PlayStation 3—do not allow players to trade saves. I assume this is to prevent people from unlocking achievements/trophies by cheating. I do have a few PlayStation and PSP saves for some games, and I include instructions for using them; however, most of the save files on this site are for Windows, Macintosh and Wii.

Follow the links below or in the sidebar for more information and save file downloads for each game.

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