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The level begins with a cut scene. Lara returns to Bolivia and meets Amanda and James. She warns them to get out of the way so she can get to the stone dais. As with the previous cut scenes, it's almost impossible to tell why anyone is doing what they do. Here Lara believes she can use Excalibur to activate a portal allowing her to reach her mother who is trapped in another dimension. (You'll find the full storyline in the original game walkthrough.)

Go to the right and take out the 2 mercenaries. Pick up any health they drop, but don't worry about other items; you won't need them.

When the second man falls, another cut scene plays. Lara confronts Amanda, who uses the pendant around her neck to transform into the entity.

Now Lara must fight the unknown entity. This battle is actually very easy for a final boss fight. As long as you use Excalibur, you can stand in one place and just blast away. It takes about 7 of the sword's green energy blasts to bring down the monster. Then it's all over.

In the final cut scene, Lara places the sword in the stone and activates the portal above the dais. We see Lara's mother inside the portal then Lara and Amanda arguing, though it's not immediately clear what they're fighting about.

The upshot is that Amanda believes the portal leads to Avalon, the mystical realm where King Arthur went, and that Lara's mother is there. This scene is actually quite complex and involves two separate timelines: the events taking place in the present and the child Lara's discovery of the same portal many years earlier. Lara's mother, hearing Lara and Amanda arguing about the sword, inadvertently pulls the sword from the stone in her own timeline, destroying the portal in both timelines. Grown-up Lara, distraught over losing her mother again, takes out her wrath on Amanda.

The final GBA cut scene ends abruptly. In the original game, Lara leaves Amanda at the dais and heads for home. As she makes her way out of the ruins, she tells Zip and Alister to make plans for the work ahead.

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