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DEEP CHASM WITH BROKEN PILLARS: Grab the narrow horizontal ledge on the back wall and climb along it to the right above a deep chasm. The ledge crumbles as you go, so don't hesitate. At the end, jump to grab the solid ledge to the right and pull up.

Climb up on the right. Slide down the slope nearly to the end and then jump across the gap (by pressing Right on the control pad along with B) to land on top of the wide, square pillar ahead. Take a running jump to the right. Lara will fall and grab a handhold on the next pillar. Drop down to the lowest handhold—either 2 or 3 times, depending on whether you grab the top of the pillar or the handhold below. Climb to the right and jump over to the ledge with the silver reward.

Climb up on the right. Take a running jump across the next gap to land on the slope. At the top of the slope and take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar. It breaks off if Lara hangs too long, so swing around only once before jumping to the top of the pillar ahead. Drop down on the right to get a bronze reward. Then climb back up to the left.

Use the ornate bell above to grapple swing and grab onto the first of 3 icicles. These icicles are slippery. If Lara hangs on to any of them for too long, she'll slip and fall into the chasm. So quickly jump across from one to the next. From the third icicle, jump to grab the narrow ice ledge to the right. Climb to the right along that ledge. Jump up to grab the ledge above. Climb to the right again and jump to the wide ice ledge beyond. Shoot the wall of ice to open a passageway. Enter and cross the first CHECKPOINT.

Go to the right. Jump the gap, slide down the slope and jump again about halfway down to land on the next slope. Slide and jump again to land on another square pillar. Jump to the next pillar. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar. This bar is also fragile and will break if Lara holds on too long. So swing around once, jump and then extend the grapple to snag the shiny object above. (I'm not sure what it is.) Lengthen the cable if necessary (by pressing Down) and grapple swing over to the next pillar.

Take a running jump to the icy path on the right. Follow it to a drop-off and then jump to grab the broken airplane wing ahead. Drop down twice to a ledge with a silver reward. Then drop to the ground. Kill the tiger or just run past it to the right, where you'll find the next CHECKPOINT.

CRASH SITE: Shoot another tiger and then head to the right. Push the chunk of wreckage (gray and yellow with a shimmer) toward the wrecked airplane fuselage. (This is what's left of the plane in which Lara and her mother crashed many years ago.)

NOTE: The text on the screen refers to another sword fragment but according to the main storyline, the item in the wreckage is the Ghalali Key, which is used to assemble the sword. It's the tiny blackish object with the green jewel at its center, located in the cockpit window at the right end of the wrecked fuselage.

Hop over the chunk of junk into the broken fuselage, but don't go too far in or it will tip and fall into the chasm. Stand Lara on the low step just to the right of the opening. Then use the grapple to pull the chunk of junk into the opening as far as it will go. It will hold the left end of the fuselage down just long enough for you to run to the right end, grab the GHALALI KEY. (Lara picks it up automatically, just like any other item, and you'll hear a chime when she does.) Then immediately run back to the left and jump out of the wreckage before it crashes down. Once Lara is safe on the cliff side, the next CHECKPOINT registers.

ICY SLOPE ABOVE CHASM: Ahead is a long icy slope with several wide gaps in it. Jump to the first section of the slope. Slide and jump near the end of the slope to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around once before the bar breaks and jump onto the next slope. Continue sliding and jumping the gaps. On the last section of the slope, slide almost all the way to the bottom and then jump and grab another horizontal bar. Swing around once before the bar breaks and jump to the safe ice ledge ahead. Go right to the next CHECKPOINT.

Jump across the gap to grab one of the handholds on the wall ahead. Climb to the top. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar to the right. Swing around and jump to grab a handhold on the wall ahead. Drop down three times to find a silver reward.

BREAK-AWAY ICE LEDGES OUTSIDE MONASTERY: Climb back up the first two handholds. Then jump to the right to grab a handhold on the next section of wall. The center part of this ledge is unstable, so quickly climb to the right where it's solid. Drop to grab the narrow ledge below. Again climb to the right, past several crumbly sections. Jump to grab the horizontal bar beyond. Swing around and jump to grab the big icicle to the right, then the next icicle. Climb up the second as far as you can—otherwise Lara won't make the next jump—and then jump to the ice ledge to the right. This ledge is unstable. If Lara stands on it for too long, it plummets into the chasm. So quickly jump and grab the handhold to the right, which also begins to break away. Traverse to the right and then jump and grab the next wide ledge, which is safe.

Grab the handhold above the right end of the ledge and keep climbing to the right. Jump and grab the next handhold to the right, which begins to break away. Quickly climb to the right and drop to grab the handhold below. Climb to the right again and jump to grab the vertical pole. Slide to the bottom. Drop down onto a small ledge to the left to find a gold reward.

Climb back up the vertical pole nearly to the top. Jump to the right and grab the horizontal molding on the wall. Climb to the right and jump to grab the next narrow ice ledge. As you climb to the right, the ledge starts to crack, so go quickly. Jump up to grab a higher handhold, which is also unstable. Climb along it to the right and jump to the solid ledge. Continue right to a CHECKPOINT.

BUILDING EXTERIOR WITH ICY POOL: Follow the path to the right, confronting 2 mercenaries as you go. They drop the usual guns, grenades or health. Climb over the thick ice wall. Continue to the right, killing 2 more soldiers and taking whatever items they drop. A bit farther on is an icy pool. Avoid this, since the freezing water will injure Lara and possibly kill her.

Instead backtrack to the left and climb onto the ice wall. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the top of the higher ice wall to the right. Pull up and take a running jump to grab the next higher ice wall. Again pull up.

Walk to the right edge and jump straight up. You should be able to see an ornate bell high above on the right. Use this to grapple swing across to the building ahead. Another mercenary is posted there. Kill him and take whatever he drops. Then climb to the upper level and slide down the long angled cable, above the icy pool, to land safely on a ledge to the right.

Slide down the long slope to the right and continue to the next CHECKPOINT.

CAVE WITH ICY STREAM: Ahead is another freezing pool. This one has chunks of ice floating in it. Take a running jump to land on the first chunk of ice. Jump from chunk to chunk to reach the other side of the pool.

The next section is similar except the stream is flowing so the blocks of ice are moving and it's a bit more challenging to get across. Jump from block to block to the right, taking care not to fall into the water. Lara can survive if you climb out of the water quickly. You can also take a moment to set up each jump, as long as you don't let the ice block Lara is standing on reach the left bank. If it does, it will sink and she'll land in the water.

When you reach the right bank, go all the way to the right past the stairs to get a silver reward. Then go up the stairs into the temple.

INSIDE THE MONASTERY: Head to the right and kill the tiger (or just run past it). At the edge of the balcony, the camera shifts to show the way ahead. Take a running jump off the edge and grapple swing across the gap using the 3 ornate bells on the ceiling to swing across to the altar on the far right. (That is, jump and press L to snag the first bell with the grapple. While Lara is hanging, lengthen the cable if necessary by pressing Down on the control pad. Then swing to the right, press B to jump and detach the cable. Then quickly press L again to grapple the second bell. Repeat for the third bell and then swing over to the altar.)

BALANCE & BLOCKS: Climb over the carved golden block and pull it to the right onto the dangling platform. (This is actually part of a set of scales, though in the GBA game it doesn't work in any realistic way.) Release the block and climb over the altar to the right, crossing over a pressure pad that temporarily opens the doors below.

Step onto the second dangling platform and let Lara's weight push it down to the floor. At the same time the platform on the left raises, Step off on the right. (For no logical reason, the platform stays down.) There's another box off to the right. Pull this to the left onto the lowered scale platform. Then climb back onto the altar.

Pull the golden block from the raised left platform onto the pressure pad in the middle of the altar. If Lara won't grab the block, use the grapple to pull it. Once the block is positioned on the pressure pad, the doors below stay open and a CHECKPOINT registers.

REFORGING EXCALIBUR: Go to the right to the circle on the floor.

A cut scene shows Lara using the Ghalali Key to reassemble the sword, Excalibur.

After the cut scene, continue to the right. Equip Excalibur and use it to blast the carved doors at the end of the hall. Once they have cracked, you can approach them and go through to the next CHECKPOINT.

ESCAPE: The first block, on which Lara is standing, is safe. The rest will crumble away as Lara passes over them. To get across, run along the walkway to the right and jump at the end to land on the platform ahead. Before it crashes down, jump to the next block, then the next, and so on until you reach the far side of the deep pit and the end of the level.

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