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Updated: 7/15/06

Kills: 0*  Items: 4 plus Wooden Torch, Crowbar, Chalk, Silver Coin and 3 Golden Rose Secrets**

Cut scene: Lara and Father Patrick emerge from the Labyrinth onto a rainy hillside. He tells her to stay out of trouble. (A transcript of their dialogue is included on the movie page.)

PATH BETWEEN CHASM AND MILL: If Lara crosses the dark brown square on the path, a cut scene ensues.

Cut scene: A demon horseman appears on the hillside. He tries to cut Lara down, then dismounts, grabs her and throws her back to the other end of the path.

So you can't pass this way yet. For now, enter the tunnel on the left and follow it through several turns. At the first T intersection, turn right to emerge outdoors.

(NOTE: If you're very low on health, or if you want all available items, instead go left at the T. Continue to another T intersection, where you'll encounter a flock of bats. On the floor to the right there's a small medipack. The left passage leads to a dead-end with a lit torch. After getting the medipack, backtrack up the tunnel to emerge outdoors.)

Cut scene: The camera pans the area: a deep chasm with a rope dangling above and changelings frolicking on a ledge. Notice the dark object on the ledge next to the tunnel entrance. This is a wooden torch.

CHASM WITH DANGLING ROPE: As soon as they notice Lara, the changelings start throwing rocks at her. Walk to the edge of the chasm and line Lara up so she's facing the dangling rope squarely. (Use the Look button to make sure.) Take a standing jump to grab the rope. Climb to the bottom and rotate Lara so she's facing the ledge with the torch (above and to the left of the tunnel entrance, shown in this screenshot). Use the Sprint key to swing in that direction. Then jump from the rope onto the ledge. Pick up the TORCH.

(NOTE: Refer to the ROPE SWINGING TIPS at the bottom of the page if you need them. And don't forget, if you're playing on the PC you can use a medipack with the 9 or 0 key even while hanging from the rope.)

As soon as you've got the torch, slide down from the ledge and run into the tunnel. Follow the passage forward, then right. You'll meet some bats on the way if this is your first time in exploring the passage. At the T, go left to the lit torch. Pick up the small medipack on the floor nearby if you didn't get it earlier. Light your torch here (Action) and return outside.

You might want to save your game in case you accidentally toss the torch into the chasm. Walk to the edge of the chasm and throw the lit torch down toward the changelings to distract them. Now you can explore in peace.

Back to the rope. Take a standing jump from the edge of the chasm to grab the rope. Climb to the bottom and rotate Lara so she's facing the right corner of the ledge with the metal fence. Swing as high as Lara will go. You'll probably need to use the sprint key twice, more if you lose momentum between swings. Then jump to land on the ledge. (This sequence is shown in this series of screenshots. Again, refer to the ROPE SWINGING TIPS below if you need them.) Once Lara makes it to the ledge, pry the darker metal bar out of the fence (Action) to use as a CROWBAR.

Safety drop from the left side of the ledge onto the L-shaped corner ledge below. Go to the right end and jump down near the babies. Crawl into the small tunnel underneath the corner ledge. Follow the tunnel to the golden rose (secret #1, 25/36). Get it and crawl back out.

Navigating around the ledge with the frantic changelings is a little difficult due to the uneven surface and the Look key being disabled. Hold the Walk button and Lara won't slide off. Walk to the edge closest to the ledge below the tunnel entrance (as shown in this screenshot). Jump across. Then climb onto the ledge.

Now once more for the rope swing. You can explore the next several areas in a few different ways. Read ahead if you're not sure which to try.

Again, jump to grab the rope. Shimmy to the bottom and this time rotate Lara so she's facing the left end of the horizontal crevice that runs along the wall above the demon-baby ledge. Notice the sandy-colored rocks protruding above the crevice. See how they form a V shape just above the crawlspace at the left end of the crevice. Use the Look button to line it up so Lara swings toward the point of the V. Swing as high as Lara will go. Then jump and press Action to grab the crevice. Pull up into the crawlspace. (See this screenshot to get oriented. Again, refer to the ROPE SWINGING TIPS below if you need them.)

SMALL ROOM WITH CHALK BOULDER: Crawl forward to a small room. Pick up a large medipack and use the CROWBAR to pry a piece of CHALK out of chalk boulder in the wall. Crawl back out. Turn around and crawl backwards to hang from the crevice. Now, decide if you want all the pickups or not.

If you don't need an extra large medipack, you can skip the far side of the chasm. Drop onto the demon-baby ledge. Jump back over to the ledge below the tunnel entrance. Climb onto the ledge, and return through the tunnel to the PATH. [Pick up the walkthrough below at the section titled PATH BETWEEN CHASM AND MILL (AGAIN).]

To fully explore the level, take this path: Traverse to the right along the crevice to a higher spot where Lara can pull up. (She can't traverse around the corner here.) Crawl around the corner to the end of the crevice. Safety drop into a whitewashed stone passageway, or somersault down then turn around. Follow the passage around to the right and pick up the large medipack. Continue forward to a low area with a group of whitewashed STONE PILLARS WITH ANGLED TOPS.

Getting out of here requires some tricky jumping. (This series of screenshots may help.) There are two pillars short enough for Lara to grab. Go for the higher of these two. It is on Lara's right when she's facing the passage where you got the medipack. Stand facing the pillar at the right side where the ground slopes up. Jump to grab the edge. Traverse to the left edge of the pillar. Then tap the right arrow to traverse just a little to the right. This will ensure Lara is positioned correctly to make the next jump.

Pull up onto the slope. Press and hold Jump before Lara can slide off. If you hold Jump, Lara will backflip off the first pillar, land on the sloping top of the second pillar (behind her) then jump forward toward the third pillar. Press Action while Lara is in the air to make her grab the edge of the third pillar.

Now she should be dangling from the right side of the third pillar. Pull up, let Lara slide a little, then press and hold Jump again. She'll jump from the third pillar to the fourth, then from the fourth toward the crawlspace on the right. Press Action while Lara is in the air so she'll grab the opening. Crawl in. Whew!

Crawl along the ledge around the corner until the ceiling is too low to go on. Jump down to the ledge with the changelings. Jump back across the chasm to the ledge below the tunnel entrance. Climb up to the tunnel, and return through it to the PATH. [Pick up the walkthrough below at the section titled PATH BETWEEN CHASM AND MILL (AGAIN).]

ALTERNATE METHOD FOR ROPE-SWING AREA: If you prefer, after getting the CROWBAR, you can use the rope to swing over to the STONE PILLARS WITH ANGLED TOPS. Aim for the gap between the pillars (as shown in this screenshot). Lara will lose a little health when she lands. Walk around behind the pillars to get the large medipack. Then do the pillar jumping, as described above, to get to the crevice above the demon-baby ledge. Crawl along the ledge around the corner until the ceiling is too low to go on. Turn around and hang from the edge, but don't let go. Instead traverse along to the left and pull up into the crawlspace. Crawl through to the SMALL ROOM WITH THE CHALK BOULDER. Get the medipack and CHALK. Then crawl back out. Jump across the chasm to the ledge below the tunnel entrance. Climb up to the tunnel, and return through it to the PATH.

PATH BETWEEN CHASM AND MILL (AGAIN): Stand on the dark brown square in the middle of the path and use the CHALK to do some sketching.

Cut scene: Lara draws arcane symbols upon the tile. The demon horseman charges out of the woods and down the path, but the symbols appear to stop him. Again he tries to slice Lara with his sword, but Father Patrick comes to the rescue, shoving her aside just in time. The demon knight grabs the good Father and bonks him in the head with his pommel of his sword, flings him over the horse's back and rides away.

At this point, if you turn and head back toward the start of the path, you'll encounter a flock of bats. But there's no need to do this. Just go on through the hole and down the chute. When you enter the next area, there's another cut scene.

Cut scene: The demon knight bursts out of the barn on horseback, still carrying Father Patrick. The knight says he's been imprisoned here for 700 years and that Lara must help free him or he'll kill the Father. From what he says, Lara deduces that she'll need to stop the water flowing in the streams surrounding the mill. (A transcript of the conversation is included on the movie page.)

BARN AND SMALL MILL WITH WATERWHEEL: The barn door doesn't open, and the streams surrounding the barn are running so fast you're unable to access the side tunnels yet. For now, go the barn and the small mill with the pointed roof. Cross the reddish stream that runs behind the small mill (there's a water wheel on the right) and follow the whitewashed stone passageway to the next area.

There are two openings in the hillside on the left. These lead to secret #2, but you'll have a much easier time getting it if you wait until after exploring inside the WINDMILL. Before then, a flame trap stands between you and the golden rose. You can get it with some maneuvering, but after using the switch inside the mill, the trap will be inactive.

WINDMILL: Head for the pond surrounding the WINDMILL. Make a mental note of the winch with the cage dangling in the water. There are also two underwater tunnels on the right side. One leads back toward the BARN, but it is blocked by wooden slats halfway along. The other leads into the WINDMILL, but it is blocked by a wooden door.

Under the water behind the WINDMILL is the SEA HAG'S LAIR (more like a pond hag, but let's leave her some dignity). The tunnel leading down to it on the right side is impassable due to the strong current. You want to approach from the back left corner. Look for a rectangular opening with a golden glow in the bottom of the pond. Swim down through this opening and follow the golden light to the hag's treasure heap. Approach the treasure and notice the dark object on top of it.

Cut scene: The hag attacks Lara. They struggle and Lara gets away. This cut scene repeats until you are able to grab the SILVER COIN.

Surface for air. After the cut scene you end up on the right side of the mill, so swim back to the corner above the other entrance to the lair (either all the way around the mill or through the passage above the hag's lair).

You'll need to approach carefully this time to outwit the sea hag. Swim down toward the treasure pile again, but wait near the rocks just outside the lair until the hag swims away toward the tunnel on the right (as shown in this screenshot). Now hurry to the treasure pile and pick up the SILVER COIN. The hag will not like this, so get away quickly. If you head forward and up toward the small, square opening, the current will sweep Lara out of the lair. Swim around to the front of the WINDMILL and right up to the cage dangling from the winch. Use the SILVER COIN here.

Cut scene: Lara opens the cage and places the coin inside. The sea hag goes after her treasure and Lara slams the cage door, trapping the hag inside. A group of changelings winch the cage up to the surface then swarm over the hag.

Surface to breathe. Then swim back around to the SEA HAG'S LAIR. Look to the right of the treasure pile for an underwater tunnel, which leads into the WINDMILL. Follow the tunnel until you can surface. Climb out of the water.

GEAR ROOM INSIDE THE MILL: Go up the ramps on the left to a landing near the gears. This next bit of business involves a timed run, so you may want to save your game. You'll need to use the wheel to crank open a door on the next landing then get to it before it closes. It's hard to see the door from the wheel, though. (Use this screenshot if necessary to get oriented.)

Stand Lara facing the wheel edge-on. Press Action to turn the wheel four times. (More than four turns won't help.) Jump to the left. Then run along the landing, jumping at the edge and pressing Action to grab the red-and-white pole sticking out of the wall above the water. When Lara grabs this pole she'll swing around it gymnast-style as long as you hold Action. When you release Action, she'll let go and land on the opposite ledge. Since you're in a hurry, hold Action only long enough to grab the pole and then release it. Once on the opposite ledge, turn about 120 degrees to the right and jump to the ledge near the door. Run to the door and crawl through before it closes.

Your reward for all this: a flock of bats. Be sure not to slide down the chute in your panic or you'll have to do the timed sequence. Stand at the edge of the slope and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and turn around. Take a standing jump from the edge to grab the high switch.

Cut scene: The wooden door in the underwater passage leading to the pond opens. The flow of water in the nearby streams slows a bit.

Slide down the chute, jump in the water and swim through the tunnel to the pond outside the WINDMILL. Climb out of the water at the front right corner (front right if Lara's back is toward the mill).

Ahead is an opening in the hillside that narrows to a crawlspace. Crawl in. If you used the switch to deactivate the windmill, the flame trap should be also be deactivated. Take the large medipack and continue to the golden rose (secret #2, 26/36). Return outside through either opening.

Go through the whitewashed passageway on the right of the open area to get back to the BARN.

BACK AT THE BARN: Before rescuing the good Father, you can find a secret. Go to the reddish stream to the left side of the BARN (shown in this screenshot.) Swim along this stream. You'll pass a doorway on the left. Swim underwater through the tunnel. The tunnel slopes downward, then up. After the upward slope, look for a small opening on the left. Swim through to a tiny room with a golden rose (secret #3, 27/36). Swim back out the way you came. As soon as you can surface, look for that blue-lit doorway on the right. Climb out of the water there.

Follow the passageway to an opening in the hillside overlooking the BARN. (The following series of jumps is shown in this screenshot.) Take a running jump to the whitewashed block on the left. From there, take another running jump to the flat, white square on the barn roof. Walk to the front left corner of this flat spot and take a standing jump to the jutting roof above the barn door. Walk to the other side and take a running jump to the next flat square on the barn roof. Walk to the front left corner of this flat spot and carefully line up a running jump to the corner of the flat roof on the small mill. Do not press Action during this jump or Lara won't make it.

Once on the mill roof, you lose control of the Look button. So hold the Walk key as you maneuver around. Crawl head-first toward the small opening below the pointed roof. While holding the crawl key, press Forward and Jump to somersault through the opening into the room below.

Once inside the small mill, find the gear on the wall and turn it (Action).

Cut scene: The waterwheel stops. The demon knight bursts out of the barn, happy to be free at last. Unfortunately, he's not very grateful and soon turns on his rescuer. Father Patrick tells Lara to find the list of names in the Bestiary and read it aloud. She begins but the knight tries to stop her. Father attacks the demon, distracting him long enough for Lara to speak the correct name. This, according to Father Patrick, gives her power over the demon. She banishes him back to hell or wherever, and good once again triumphs over evil.

FMV: Lara and Father Patrick leave the island on a boat. She agrees that she's learned a valuable lesson during her adventure. (I notice she doesn't say exactly what that lesson is.) Then we see the old friends in the study again, followed by Werner Von Croy still searching for Lara in the desert. Finally it's back to the old friends, as they pay a visit to Lara's trophy room. This introduces the next episode, involving the artifact called the Iris.

Transcripts of the cut scene and movie sequence appear here.

ROPE SWINGING TIPS: Once Lara has grabbed the rope, wait for her to pull her legs up around it. Use the down arrow to climb to the end of the rope in order to get the longest possible swing. Use left/right arrows to rotate Lara so she's squarely facing where she wants to land. You can do this by pressing the Look key and/or taking a few practice swings without letting go, then adjusting Lara's angle with the left/right keys. Press the Sprint key once (don't hold it) to start the rope swinging. Then, when Lara's legs come back up around the rope, wait for the back swing (when she appears closest to you). As she starts to swing forward, press Sprint once more to make her go even higher. At the highest point of the arc, press Jump and she'll leap from the rope and (with any luck) land where you want her to be. As with regular jumping, don't press Action unless Lara needs to grab something. That way she'll jump farther.

If you absolutely can't handle this rope-swinging business, you can download one of my savegames. This Macintosh savegame places Lara at the CHALK (see walkthrough above). You'll need Stuffit Expander 5.1 or later to extract the save file. After extracting, place in your Save folder, but be sure to remove your own saves first and place them in a safe storage folder so they aren't overwritten. For Mac assistance, please visit MacRaider. Special thanks to Kerrie at MacRaider for this and other saves.

If you're playing on the PC, download this group of PC savegames and choose the save you want. For help with PC savegame and .zip files, see here.

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*Note on Kills: The sea hag and changelings aren't technically kills. I marked them in orange to distinguish them from the usual hazards, which are still in pink.

**Note on Secrets: There are 36 golden roses in the game. If you find them all, after the credits you'll be able to access "Special Features" from the options menu. This is a collection of storyboards, etc., created during the game design.

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