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Updated: 9/18/01

Kills: 13  Items: 5, plus Crowbar, Pistols, Shotgun, 2 Batteries, 2 Keys, Aqualung, Suit Console and 3 Golden Rose Secrets*

Starting Inventory: 3 flares, 2 small medipacks, TMX watch, binoculars.

(NOTE: Lara gets new equipment at the beginning of each episode, so there's no need to conserve ammunition for any huge final boss. Feel free to use the more powerful weapons when you find them.)

Cut scene: Admiral Yarofev and two of his crewmen discover Lara in the cargo hold. A transcript of their conversation appears here.

BUNKS: Find the broken handrail (one of four) between the bunks (see this screenshot if you need direction). Press Action to pull it off for use as a CROWBAR. Use your new tool to pry off the grate in front of the vent in the far corner of the room (i.e., the vent that doesn't have fire extinguishers in front of it, shown in this screenshot).

VENTILATION DUCTS: Enter the ducts and turn right. Crawl through the low opening to a ladder. Climb to the top. Crouch and crawl backwards toward the edge of the open shaft with the broken fan down below. Climb down into the shaft. About halfway down there's an opening on the left. (This screenshot shows it.) When Lara is level with the opening, climb to the left as far as you can and let go to land just inside the opening. Inside is a golden rose (secret #1, 13/36). Take it then walk to the edge of the opening. Take a standing jump to grab the opposite wall of the shaft. Climb to the top. The small opening ahead is empty so traverse around to the right and crawl through toward another ladder.

Climb the ladder to another deep shaft with live wires dangling above it. Crawl backwards to hang from the edge of the shaft. Traverse around to the left to the middle opening. Pull up and crawl through to a trapdoor. Stand at the edge of the trapdoor and press Action to open it. Drop down onto a crate.

STOREROOM: Search the shelves and drawers to find a small medipack and BATTERY (-). The door is locked so climb back through the trapdoor into the ducts.

Again crawl backwards to hang from the edge of the shaft. Traverse around to the left and climb out. Climb the nearby ladder. Ahead you can glimpse the control room through the slats. Crawl through the low passageway.

Cut Scene: Lara once again overhears Mikhailov speaking with the admiral. A transcript of their conversation appears on the movie page.

(NOTE: The rest of the level is shown in the handy map below. This was done by Theresa from and used with permission. I have modified it a little from her original.)

Continue through the duct (the slats are on Lara's right) to a ladder leading down. Climb down and crawl on to another trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and drop down into the KITCHEN.

Watch out for the stove burners. If Lara stands on them, she'll catch fire. And be sure to move quietly. If the cook notices Lara he'll attack with his knife. Hop down behind the stove and walk quietly around behind the cook. Stay close to the stove so Lara is out of the cook's line of sight. (Follow the path marked in this screenshot.) When Lara is right behind the cook, but not touching him, press Action twice to use the CROWBAR as a weapon.

Cut Scene: Lara whacks the cook with her handy handrail.

(NOTE: If you accidentally attract the cook's attention and he attacks, either reload a saved game or climb back up into the duct. Crawl through to the next spot where Lara can stand up. Then crawl back to the open trapdoor and re-enter the kitchen. The cook should be back at work and you can try again.)

Submarine diagram

When the cook fades away, he drops a BRONZE KEY. Use this to open one of the doors leading out of the kitchen. (The other doesn't open yet.) Behind the door is another STOREROOM. Search the shelves and drawers to find a SILVER KEY and a pair of PISTOLS. Use this key to unlock the other door leading out of the KITCHEN.

Draw those borrowed pistols because there are 2 of Mikhailov's goons waiting in the MESS HALL. A sailor comes in from the HEAD through the door in the far corner. He drops a box of shotgun shells when he dies.

(NOTE: There's nothing in the head. When you go in to explore, you're unable to use the Look button—or the facilities for that matter.)

Go through the other open doorway at the far end of the room. (Save the hatch with the wheel for later.) The passage comes to a T. To the right is a swipe-card door. You have no card, so go to the left. Kill another bad guy in the hallway then continue to another T. This door only opens from the other side, so use the wheel to open the hatch on the right and climb the ladder. Continue to the CARGO HOLD where 2 goons ambush Lara. Climb around on top of the crates to find the SHOTGUN, an AQUALUNG and a large medipack. Before leaving, use your crowbar to pry open the wooden crate to the left of the doorway. Inside you'll find a golden rose (secret #2, 14/36). Return down the ladder to the corridor below and follow it back to the MESS HALL.

Cross the MESS HALL to the hatch in the far right corner. Turn the wheel (Action) to open the hatch. Follow the hall to a STOREROOM on the right. Kill the armed Mafioso inside. Climb onto the crate to reach the trapdoor above. To open it position Lara at the edge of the crate facing the doorway (as shown in this screenshot). Jump straight up and grab the handle (Action). Climb into the duct above.

MORE DUCTS AND A SECRET: Crawl through the ducts to the third square grate in the floor. Here Lara can stand. Light a flare (or use your binoculars with Action for a light) and look for a small opening above (marked X on Theresa's map). Climb into it and retrieve another golden rose (secret #3, 15/36).

Drop back down and continue along the duct to another trapdoor. Open it and drop down into a DARK STOREROOM WITH BLUE LIGHT. (This is shaded gray in the diagram.) When Lara hits the floor, the door opens and a sailor comes to investigate. Kill him and search the drawers to find a BATTERY (+).

Go through the door that just opened to emerge in the hallway behind the MESS HALL. You don't have a swipe card for the door ahead, so follow the hallway around the corner. Pass the corridor leading back to MESS HALL (on your left). Continue straight to a ladder leading down.

Climb down and follow the hallway around the corner. After your gunfight with another Mafia goon, pick up the wide-shot shells he drops. Continue past the hatch with the wheel to the SLEEPING QUARTERS at the end of the hall. Pick up a small medipack on the floor behind the row of bunks. Then backtrack along the hallway and use the wheel to open the hatch. Take out the sailor standing guard in the TORPEDO ROOM. Go through the doorway at the opposite end of this room and climb the ladder.

DIVING SUIT AREA: To the left is an open hatch. There's a diving suit behind glass but no goodies inside. Turn the wheel to open the hatch to the right. Shoot the sailor inside and take his SUIT CONSOLE. Continue along the passageway. Again, two hatches. Kill the Mafioso in the room behind the open hatch. Use the wheel to open the other hatch and go inside.

The diving suit on the left is accessible. Position Lara facing the top half of the suit, close to it. Combine the SUIT CONSOLE and AQUALUNG and attach it to the suit (Action). Combine the (+) and (-) BATTERIES and insert into the CONSOLE. Now you've got a working suit.

Cut Scene: Lara remarks, "Time to turn the tables." She puts on the suit and rides the elevator down to the water.

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*Note on Secrets: There are 36 golden roses in the game. If you find them all, after the credits you'll be able to access "Special Features" from the options menu. This is a collection of storyboards, etc., created during the game design.

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