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INTRO CREDITS: A flash of lightning illuminates the golden likeness of the Egyptian god Anubis. The camera shifts to reveal a darkened room in disarray. In a voiceover, a news announcer with a French accent describes the latest in a series of murders, which he refers to as "Monstrum killings", believed to be the work of a single psychotic perpetrator. The latest victim: Professor Werner Von Croy. According to the announcer, a brunette woman with a ponytail was seen leaving the crime scene, and police have been advised to use extreme caution when apprehending the suspect. A door opens and Lara Croft enters stealthily. As Lara explores the apartment, we see strange symbols scrawled on the wall in what looks like blood. Lara steps on something which cracks under her foot. She picks it up and sees it is a photo of herself with Von Croy. She looks in the mirror, perhaps searching for answers.

INTRODUCTORY FMV: "Two days earlier." It's a dark and stormy night. Lara argues with her former mentor, Von Croy. The older man believes he's being stalked and asks for Lara's help. He urges her to go see someone named Carvier, but Lara stops him before he can explain further. She's not in a sympathetic mood. The memory of Von Croy abandoning her in the collapsing temple of Horus is still too fresh.(*) They argue, then there's darkness, scuffling, confusion...and gunshots. Werner lies dead and Lara has blood on her hands. The police arrive on the scene and Lara flees. (If these movies don't play in your game, see the note below.)


Updated: 9/24/11()

Items: 5 health items, 4 treasure/money, crowbar, gantry gate key
Weapons & Ammo: M-V9 semiautomatic
Enemies: Guard dog, human guard
Upgrades: Upper Body

IMPORTANT NOTES: There is no separate training level. Lara describes how to complete most of the necessary moves as you go along. For more detailed info on inventory, using items and other controls, see the AOD Gameplay & Controls page.

There is also a SECRET AREA behind a locked door near the start. This area seems to be an unfinished section of the training area. I don't know why it was left out of the final game, but if you want to explore there, this page explains how.

ALLEYWAY AT START: Avoid the dog chained to the wall on the right. The doors at that end of the room don't open. From the starting position, go forward and pick up the chocolate bar (10% health) in the doorway.

Follow Lara's instructions and climb onto the box to the left of the doorway. Position Lara at the right edge of the box and jump up. She'll automatically grab the ledge above. Pull up and activate walk mode so Lara doesn't accidentally fall off the ledge.

Jump the gap and continue forward toward the ladder. Don't climb up yet. Instead turn right to look out over the area where you started. Deactivate walk mode, back up from the edge and take a running jump across to the alcove with the large health pack (100% health). The doors here don't open, so you'll have to move back from the railing and jump over it to get down. Climb back up to the ladder.

Climb the ladder per Lara's instructions. Activate walk mode again to keep Lara from accidentally vaulting over the low railings. Follow the walkway to the left and climb through the window as Lara instructs.

You can't open the padlocked wardrobe yet, but there are Antique Doubloons on the floor and a chocolate bar and 160 Euros in the cabinets.

Climb back out and continue to the next ladder. Climb up and dismount on the right. Turn around and pick up more Antique Doubloons on the floor. Walk to the gap in the railing and then jump and grab the ledge on the other side. Pull up. (The controls here are a bit different than previous TR games. Release Action once Lara has grabbed. Wait a second and then press Up to climb up.) Turn left, vault over the low railing and pick up another chocolate bar.

Vault back over the railing and follow the ledge forward to the small gap. Lara says she can hop across. Turn right and jump the gap as Lara instructs. Continue forward across the small bridge made of planks. Then climb the drainpipe and traverse to the right. Drop onto the yellowish ledge. Walk to the right side and jump up to grab the edge of the roof. Traverse around the corner to the right and pull up at the gap in the railing.

NOTE: At the start of the game, Lara can only grab and hang for about 15 seconds, so you need to keep moving or she'll fall once the yellow grab bar runs out.

FIRST ROOFTOP: Look behind the building at the far right for some health bandages (40% health). In the far left corner of the roof, beyond the water tower, is a barrel Lara can pull. Position her next to it and press and hold Action + Down to pull it away from the railing.

Stand where the barrel was and Lara will spy the CROWBAR on a ledge below. Walk to the edge and press Action. Lara will turn around and lower herself to hang from the edge. Press Action again to let go and once more to pick up the crowbar. Lara doesn't have enough upper-body strength to traverse across to the ledge on the right...yet. So, for now, climb back up to the roof.

Use the crowbar on the padlocked door. Lara will pry open the door and, in the process, gain an upper-body strength upgrade. (You'll see the blue upgrade icon and Lara will say, "I feel stronger now." From this point, she can grab and hang for about 20 seconds.) Press Action again to open the shed door. Go in and get the M-V9 SEMIAUTOMATIC in the cabinet but no ammunition yet.

If you want to get every available item, follow the paragraph "Backtrack to the Locked Cabinet" below. You won't actually need the necklace you'll find, so if you just want to continue on, skip to the section "First Rooftop (Again)".

BACKTRACK TO THE LOCKED CABINET: Go back to the broken railing where you first climbed onto the roof and hang from the edge. Traverse left around the corner and drop onto the yellowish ledge below. Walk to the left end of the ledge and jump to grab the edge of the roof. Traverse left to the drainpipe and climb down. At the base of the pipe, turn right and jump down to the ledge below. Climb in through the window and pry open the locked cabinet to find a necklace. Climb back up to the rooftop the way you came before.

FIRST ROOFTOP (again): Cross the rooftop to the far left and climb down to the ledge where you found the crowbar. Face the building, sidestep to the left edge of the ledge before jumping up to grab the edge of the roof. That way Lara will have a shorter distance to cover. Traverse to the left without hesitation and drop onto the next ledge. (If you start at the right side or pause for any reason, Lara won't have enough 'grab' left to make it to the other side.)

ROOFTOP WITH GUARD & KEY: There's a guard around the next corner. Lara explains how to get past him. Press Enter to go into stealth mode. Action to hug the wall and cursor keys to move along the wall and peer around the corner at the guard. Press Action again to step away from the wall. Still in stealth mode, sneak up behind the guard. Press Action to subdue him. Then pick up the GANTRY GATE KEY from the sawhorse at the foot of the low stairs.

If you accidentally alert the guard, Lara can fight him hand-to-hand. Move in and press Action (singly and in two- and three-tap combos to punch and kick). She may be injured in the process, so you might want to use a sneak attack to conserve health.

Once you have the key, return to the other end of the walkway and open the gate. Walk forward and Lara will climb onto the ladder. Climb down to the bottom and let go (Action).

NOTE: I experienced a bug here in the un-patched PC game where Lara would not climb the ladder. If you find this happening, descend by tapping Action repeatedly to let go and re-grab the ladder. Or, save and reload your game while on the ladder. This may kill the bug.

Cut Scene: Lara is spotted by the police. She kicks down a door and enters an abandoned building and bars the door behind her.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/16/07 - Added note on getting to inaccessible part of training area, plus a few minor clarifications.
9/24/11 - Fixed minor error in the early tutorial stage of the level.

NOTE: Lara's history with Von Croy is covered in detail in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (TR4). If you haven't played that game, you may want to scan the FMV synopses in my walkthrough.

TROUBLE PLAYING FMV MOVIES: There are two types of cinematics in this game, cut scenes rendered by the game engine and full-motion video sequences. If your computer won't show the FMV movies during the game, you can watch them using Windows Media Player or another similar program. Look for the movies in the folder C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\Data\FMV, where C: is your hard drive. (Or, they can be found on the second game CD in various folders. Just search for *.mpg.) The introductory credits are EN_CRDIT.mpg and the movie at the start of the first level is EN_CHASE.mpg, though the file names may differ for non-English versions of the game.

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