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Items: 5 health items, Assistant's Pass
Weapons & Ammo: 4 ammo items
Enemies: mutants
Upgrades: none

Controls for Kurtis Trent: These are basically the same as controlling Lara. The only differences are he cannot swim, sprint or get strength upgrades, and his movement is a bit clunkier, if that's possible. Kurtis's only weapon is the Boran X, which he has at the start.

IMPORTANT: You may need quite a lot of ammunition for the boss battle at the end of the next level. I recommend making sure to get every pickup and conserve ammo. (This may not be a factor in the PlayStation game. I've heard Kurtis starts with a lot more ammo.) Keep in mind that the weaker mutants can be avoided, fought hand-to-hand or taken down with fewer bullets at close range. Some of the tougher mutants can also be avoided. I've noted these in the Maximum Containment Area walkthrough.

Click for a printable map if you need one. (Thanks to John B.)

ELEVATOR SHAFT: Pick up the Boran clip on the floor to the right and make your way down the shaft. You can either hang from the opening inside the shaft, tap Action to let go and then quickly tap it again to re-grab on the level below, or make your way down the ledges where there are no railings. The first way is pretty straightforward. Just don't forget to pull up on the levels where there are pickups on the ledges.

Alternatively, to get down via the various ledges, first safety drop off the top ledge near where you found the clip. Pick up another clip below. Jump to the yellow ledge and climb down the ladder. To right, turn around and then jump to grab the end of the walkway surrounding the central shaft. Pull up. Safety drop to the walkway below and pick up health pills. Go to the end where there's no railing and drop down again.

Enter the lift shaft, hang from the edge and drop. Open the trapdoor and drop through.

Exit the lift, go left, climb down a short ladder then a long one. It's too far to drop to the ground. So instead jump to grab the walkway above near where it connects to the lift shaft. Pull up and go through the door on the left.

SANITARIUM WARDS: Kill the mutant zombie thing ahead and go through the barred area into the hall beyond. Approach the dead guard.

Cut scene: Something drags a soldier's body into a duct.

Pick up the Boran clip near the guard and continue to the open door at the end of the hall. There's another mutant running around out there. Kill it and go down the hall to the right. Enter the open cell near the dead guard's body. Approach the man sitting on the cot.

Dialogue - Truck Driver: This poor guy has just about lost his mind. After transporting the Sleeper from Turkey, he and his comrades were locked up. He's been hiding out here, but his comrades were fed to Boaz's creation, the Proto-Nephilim.

Exit the cell and press Action to examine the door with the keypad. Kurtis uses his farsight ability to locate the door code: 06289. It is recorded in the Items section of your inventory. Use the code at the keypad to open the door. Go past the glassed-in office. Approach the barred door but don't open it yet. Wait for the next mutant inmate to approach and then shoot it through the bars, saving ammo and avoiding injury.

NOTE: As far as I know, it's not possible to get the delicious chocolate bar without using either the fly cheat or exploiting glitches in the game. Summers made this useful YouTube video showing how to get in and out. Basically you need to move toward the corner where the cot legs meet the wall to the left of the window and press Crouch + Jump + Foward simultaneously to go through the bottom of the wall. Once you have the chocolate, use the same technique just to the left of the door to get out again.

Go through the next short hallway and out through the barred door at the end. Kill another mutant in the hallway ahead and go through the double doors.

DINING HALL: Go down the ramp. Now you're in a curved hallway that passes by an open dining area. There are 2 mutants here. The inmate in the red PJ's isn't dangerous. Search the open cell on the right to find a chocolate bar. A third mutant appears when you emerge. You'll find chocolate and a Boran clip on the floor of the dining room itself. You may also be able to shoot a fourth mutant behind the serving counter through the window. If it doesn't come close enough to kill, just wait; you'll have another chance shortly.

Leave the dining hall and continue to the left along the curved hallway, killing another mutant. Go up the ramp at the end of the hall and through the double doors.

NOTE: There are several areas with missing textures in this level. I also experienced a bug where upon entering a new area the scenery textures didn't load and Kurtis was moving around in total blackness. Quitting and restarting the game generally fixed that.

LABORATORY: Go past the dismembered soldier into the lab at the end of the hall. Get the ammo on the floor on the left and the scientist's STRAHOV ASSISTANT'S PASS. Return to the dining room the way you came.

DINING HALL (again): Make a mental note of the wall plaque near the door opposite the dining area: 38471. You'll need this five-digit code later.

Go to the back right corner of the room behind the fat, round column. Use the assistant's pass in the card reader to open the door. Kill the mutant in the kitchen if you didn't get him before. Then climb the stairs just outside the kitchen door. Go right and pick up a large health pack. Now continue along the walkway in the other direction. Take a running jump across the gap. Go to the computer and enter the code you saw on the wall below (38471). This opens the door near the plaque containing the code. Return to the gap in the walkway, drop down and go through the kitchen to the dining hall, then out into the hallway to the door you just opened. Go upstairs and through the next set of doors.

SECOND LAB/VENTILATION DUCTS: Go to the right and look into the lab.

Cut scene: A scientist is hard at work when he hears strange noises coming from the ventilation duct. The Proto-Nephilim springs out and attacks him.

When the cut scene ends, another mutant attacks. Kill it and continue to the end of the hallway. Pry the vent open, crouch and scooch through. (Kurtis doesn't exactly crawl.) Climb up into the higher duct and follow that to the lab. Cross the room, pry open another duct and go through. Again, climb into a higher duct and keep going.

Cut scene: From the opening Kurtis sees the Proto-Nephilim feasting on another soldier. Perhaps sensing Kurtis's presence, the beast flees through an opening in the ceiling.

Hop down and pick up the Boran clip.

NOTE: In some versions of the game this clip may respawn after you pick it up. I was not able to reproduce the effect, but other players have found unlimited ammo here.

You can't go through the moving fan and you can't climb the broken ladder. So shoot one of the yellow tanks to destroy the broken ladder. To conserve ammo, you might want to save before doing this. You can stand fairly close without being injured, but shooting from certain angles just doesn't seem to work. So if you find yourself spending more than five or six rounds without destroying a tank, you can reload and try a different angle. Once the ladder has been destroyed, climb up where it was. Throw the switch to turn off the fan then duck under it. Go through the duct at floor level on the left. Follow the hall to the right to finish the level.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/16/07 - Revised basic info about Kurtis. I had originally stated that he couldn't sprint or use stealth mode, but these seem to work in some versions of the game but not others, or at certain times but not others. Thanks to Jemma and a few others who set me straight on this. Also added John B.'s level map and rephrased a few sections for clarity.
4/14/07 - Added note on unlimited Boran ammo in last area, thanks to Aurimas, who also posted a video of his find on YouTube.
2/25/11 - Added Summer's useful method for obtaining the chocolate bar in the locked office.

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