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Updated: 1/16/07()

Items: none
Weapons & Ammo: unlimited Boran ammo
Enemies: Boaz
Upgrades: none

Kurtis must now fight the powerful mutant Boaz. This sequence is probably the most difficult in the game. Boaz is strong. She slashes with her four front claws and bites with her protruding mouthparts. She shoots streams of toxic green grossness that knock Kurtis off his feet, and by the time he gets up again, she's closing in for the next attack. Kurtis, in contrast, moves like he's running on butter and seems to have a problem targeting the parts of Boaz that need to be hit.

Also, unless you've been playing conservatively up to this point, you may run out of ammunition. As in the Proto-Nephilim battle, there's a respawning Boran clip at one side of the arena. (If you're facing the ledge where Eckhardt had been standing, the darkened doorway is to the right and the clip is near the curved wall to the left.) You can pick it up once and it reappears again if you run out of ammo—very handy if you can manage to grab it before Boaz devours Kurtis.

DEFEATING BOAZ'S FIRST FORM: Shoot Boaz in her human head, which is in front, between the four sharp claws and below the fanged mouth. Do this about four times. After this she will stand still for a few moments and begin squirting green goo from the sacs on her sides. While a sac is open and gushing, move in close enough to target it and shoot at it until it is destroyed. You'll know you've done this when the slime stops coming out and the dark-colored chitinous flap over the sac disappears. Repeat the process until you have destroyed all four sacs. Then Boaz's mutant body dies.


NOTE: If these suggestions don't work for you or you need more help, try visiting a few of the Tomb Raider forums listed on my Community page. Most of them already have extensive discussions about this battle. Maybe someone else's strategy will work better for you. If you prefer visuals, check out über-raider Ewil's YouTube video of his (very adept) run through this level.

If all else fails, PlayStation gamers can use the level-skip cheat. PC and Mac users can download a savegame file with the fight completed. Or, if you think you could beat Boaz yourself if you only had a little more health or ammo, try my save for the start of the level. Kurtis has 12 clips in his gun and all the health items from the previous levels. Save files can be found at Instructions for downloading and using them are at

DEFEATING BOAZ'S SECOND FORM: When you think you've killed Boaz, there's a brief cut scene. Kurtis says, "That wasn't so hard." But then Boaz in flying form crawls out of the carcass of her spider form and you must kill her all over again.

Save immediately. Avoid Boaz's slashing attacks by stepping backwards or diagonally away from her (jump to the side if she gets Kurtis against a wall) and keep shooting. Alternatively, if your health is still in good shape, just run at her and fire as fast as you can (tap the button; don't hold it) and she'll fall quickly. Again, more ammo will appear off to one side if you need it. Destroying the second form doesn't take nearly as long as killing the first. When the flying Boaz falls, approach it to trigger another cut scene. (NOTE: There's a fairly long delay before this cut scene. Be patient; eventually it'll kick in.)

Cut scene: As Kurtis turns to leave, Boaz uses her last ounce of strength to skewer him through the gut. He looses his magic shuriken and slices her head off. (Now why the heck didn't he do that in the first place?) But apparently it's too late for our hero. He slumps to the floor.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/16/07 - Completely revised the page and the Boaz strategy, incorporating tips from various players, who are credited below. Added savegame files for the patched PC game (v52). Tried to not sound so hostile about Kurtis's movement controls but probably failed dismally.

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