Tomb Raider Community Links

With more than 35 million copies of the Tomb Raider games sold as of 2012 (not to mention countless borrowed, rented, hacked and hijacked copies), plus a blockbuster turn on the big screen, Lara Croft and her world have inspired more fan worship than just about any other video game. If, by some tragic twist of fate, you happen to be the only TR fan in your area, you can still connect with fellow raiders online. Below is a small selection of message boards, social media channels and other ways to meet people who share your passion. Check out my Tomb Raider Fansite Links page for dozens more.

If you know of a great resource that should be added to this page, please get in touch.

Tomb Raider Forums and Message Boards

There are both official and numerous unofficial fan-run message boards in various languages focusing on many topics. Some of the more popular are listed below.

Other sites with message boards and chatrooms are listed in my Links Directory. There are also forums devoted especially to the Level Editor. See my Tomb Raider Level Editor links.

Tomb Raider Social Media

  • Official Social Media Channels - The game developer, Crystal Dynamics, has an awesome Community Manager, Meagan Marie. She and her assistant, Catherine Vandier, from Square Enix Europe, run the official Tomb Raider social media. Follow this link for details.
  • Facebook - I quit Facebook and no longer link to it, but if you use it, a quick search for "Tomb Raider" or "Lara Croft" will turn up dozens of Tomb Raider pages.
  • Twitter - For quick updates, link shares and social interaction, you can't beat Twitter.
  • Twitch - This streaming site includes much more than games, but there are thriving communities of Tomb Raider streamers, including a growing number of players who stream fan-made Tomb Raider Level Editor games.
  • Tumblr - Another fun social media site for sharing ideas, pictures, videos, etc. Note that there is quite a bit of adult content, so if you're concerned about such things, be careful who you follow. I try to keep my Tumblr feed PG rated, though, so feel free to follow me.
  • Steam Groups - Steam is a distribution platform for PC, Macintosh and now Linux games as well. Steam has community hubs for each of the Tomb Raider games. (Start on the Community Apps page and search for "Lara Croft" and "Tomb Raider" to find them all.) There are also many player-created TR groups there.

Tomb Raider Wikis

Wiki sites are collaborative projects that invite users to create and edit their content. "Wiki" itself is an acronym for "what I know is...", as well as the Hawaiian word for "quick". The most popular wiki is probably Wikipedia, which has subsites in many languages and covers a staggering array of subjects.

Extra Life: Team Tomb Raider Community

Extra Life: Team Tomb Raider Community

Since 2012 I have led a team of Tomb Raider fans playing for Extra Life, a charity video gaming marathon to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Together we've raised more than $30,000 so far. We've also had a blast playing our favorite games, livestreaming, and making new friends in the community.

Extra Life happens each year the first weekend in November. If you'd like to be a part of the Tomb Raider Community team, just send me an email and I will notify you when Extra Life sign-up begins. For details about Extra Life, please check out my Team Tomb Raider Community Extra Life FAQ and visit