Bolivia - Cage & Pressure Pad Puzzle
Part 3: Positioning the Door Halfway Open

NOTE: If you're playing the demo version of the game, skip this section and go on to Part 4. There are no rewards, so there's no need to do anything else here. The demo finishes after you leave this room.

In the full game there are 2 hidden rewards here, both gold and silver. To get one of them, you'll need to fiddle with the door mechanism a bit more.

Assuming you've opened the exit as described in parts 1 & 2 and are still working with 2 cages and Lara herself as the third weight, leave the cage on the pad on the right. The gear on the right side of the room remains unlocked.

Move the cage off the center pad.

Then step on the left pad to unlock the left gear. When both side pads are depressed but not the center pad, the door closes.

Move the cage back onto the center pad.

The mechanism starts to work but can't raise the door with the left gear locked in place.

Stand on the left pad just long enough to raise the door halfway. Positioning the door correctly is important. Step off the pad just before the carved notches halfway up each side of the door line up with the higher pair of horizontal grooves on both sides of the door. The door will then move a little bit more after Lara has stepped off the pad.

This detail shows the door positioned correctly. In the game, you'll see the door bobbing up and down a bit as the mechanism works, but the grooves will be aligned.

NOTE: If the door opens too far, you won't be able to reach the gold reward in the alcove above the exit, so you'll have to start over: Close the door again by dragging the cage off the center pad and stepping on the left pad. Then repeat the steps above, pushing the cage onto the center pad and standing on the left pad just until the door is positioned correctly.

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