England - Tall Room with Broken Stairs
& Bronze Reward #6 (part 1)

IMPORTANT: The way the next checkpoint is positioned relative to the nearby reward is problematic. The checkpoint registers just before you get bronze #6. If Lara subsequently dies, the game reloads at checkpoint 7, placing her in a position where you can no longer get that reward. It's probably a good idea to save manually after checkpoint 6. Then if Lara dies anywhere in this room, reload the checkpoint 6 save, get all three bronze rewards (4-6) again and continue to checkpoint 8 before saving again. If you're playing the PC game and have already run into this problem, you're welcome to download my savegame file from checkpoint 8. Instructions for downloading and installing Legend saves are here.

To get down, first take a running jump from the stairs to grab the sill of the small alcove on the left wall. Climb to the right and jump to grab the narrow ledge beyond. Quickly climb toward the corner before the ledge crumbles.

The broken stairs below are also unstable, so as soon as Lara lands turn and run to the bottom of the stairs. Then jump the gap to the solid landing in the next corner.

Move to the bottom of the stairs and jump to grab the horizontal pole jutting out of the wall above. Adjust Lara's position left to right then swing and jump to the tall, narrow alcove on the far side of the room.

Drop and hang from the edge. Climb to the right and jump to grab the narrow ledge with the row of windows above.

This long ledge crumbles as Lara goes. So tap Interact to move more quickly as you climb to the right.

When you reach the corner, triggering CHECKPOINT 7, don't drop down onto the ledge. Instead, pull up into the alcove above. Run to the left, behind the row of windows. . .

. . . to find another bronze reward (6/9).

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